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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I decide to take a long needed break from Blogger land and look you al decide to abandon me! How typical of you gay men! LOL

Can you believe its time to start thinking about PRIDE....

This year I put my support behind

PRISM Toronto....

I've been asked to be involved this year and I'm going to be 100% You can forget about any new guys like RISE getting my support....Long story but when your not treated right you are not going to go back now are YA...Hmmm I'm one to support the new guy and the new ideas but when something is not broke why bother trying to fix it!

macho updates to follow

Spring is in the air I'm hoping soon winter is dragging my ass big time!

Yes an other thing I think I may start doing is turning this blog into a bit of a local gossip rag! Hmmm wouldn't that be funny! Hmm but how far to go! Who was doin who in the baths! Who was snorting what at what party! Hmmm who was haven a hard time of it! Who was not looking there best! Hmmm well on second thought not! I'll leave that to the ones in the community who have nothin better to do do than put down others! C'mon if there not talking about U then U have to be worried I guess!..We will see! Something tells me this is not the case....Inquiring minds don't always want to know! Do They?

ON much consideration I think I'll keep my head up and out A others personal business!

Much love and hugz to you all!

till next time!


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