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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Under the weather 

Australia Collingwood, Victoria 16,256 km from me wow it amazes me the hits I'm getting from just about every where! Welcome everyone to my blog from around the world and especially today Australia!...My common wealth brothers.....Love my mates down there!

Some pics I found over the past few days and a short post below what I'm up to this past few weeks!


Been not feeling so good the past week or two.....Hence my not posting very often...
I think its a bit of the winter blues....I haven't been taking care of my self lately very well, I go through this every few months for some reason! I just let my self go and can't seem to get out a bed....This time I know the cause to much going out and long nights, they are just going to have to stop its not productive and I feel not well....I think I'm on my way out a them soon!

Met a very interesting guy over the past weekend....Who get this! Wants to talk and even better thinks IM sexy..Not that I'm not..LOL! But the thing is I think he is too..That's important to me...No more men in my life I'm not attracted to its just not fair to him or me....He is totally my type a guy, we will see what happens! We have a few things in common so far that are important and make things so much easier... I'm keeping my schedule open the next while....

Ok...Gentlemen and ladies.....

Look for more posts asap...

Plus I have my new logo done and will be sharing it soon with you all....I'm very excited about that and also will soon have my own flyers and bizz cards soon o promote this site and my bizz ventures....How cool is that!

I'm outz


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