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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Internal torments abundant..... 

As I once again face times in life that present me with challenges, I think to my self in self imposed solitude...What do I get if I venture down past roads traveled long ago....Pain, sorrow and loss! This I see only in the journey ahead....So what road do I choose the answer seems so simple! Do I forget and move on those who have been my friends and are, like so many times before? I'm torn inside what to do...What to do.....I've found some pictures that best I think shows my feelings this past few weeks......Please know I'm ok just pondering my future, who is in it and who isn't! Trying to do the good thing...Like I always do! Its just hard to let go.........Even more hard to put me first and think of only me.....

let me go don't bring me down this road again...I've seen this place before! Its a horrid place full of pain and sorrow, stop it! No not again..I'm to strong now to not learn from past mistakes....Strong...to strong...keep saying it! Yes..you keep saying it!...You know this! You know all to well! Your evil grip will not hold me ever again! ahhhhh there we go the light I see it! C'mon run with me! I'll hold your hand, I'll hold you when you cry! I'll catch you when you fall!...I wont let go trust me...Run hurry..Before its to late...I can only wait for so long!...This time its do or die!....I choose not to die!


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