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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Artist to share 

this image found here
First I want everyone to know I wish them all a very happy new year and a prosperous future.....

I have been riveted by this new drama on my local digital TV called Sleeper cell!, It actually brought me to tears after watching the first nine episodes this past few weeks and the tenth this evening..I must say I have a much deeper appreciation for what is going on in the word from deferring perspective, All though this show is very American in its points of view I really think one with a critical thinking background can take much more out of it than what is shown visually or story line wise.....It really made me think about my points of view on the whole state of the world and what is going on...This program actually made me cry..And that doesn't happen very often....It really made me think hard, this is something I truly admire in a show and why I'm sharing this with you all...(note U can find this program on line if you know how)

I only hope that we never see a day that what this show shows us come to be, as the world I think would not be ready for an United States of America or its allies reaction to such evil...It really saddens me that that there are people out there that wish harm on us and are way of life....

So that being said I wish the world peace and strongly urge any and all to see this series....

Now on to some art I found by artist Maria J. William

...You can find out more here I really like the first one as I think it depicts someone who is trying to see good in a world that presents only bad to them...And the hope that after they see that good it opens up other doors in there lives...When your surrounded by darkness its easy to see the light but only if your looking, some of us are so lost in the dark that we can no longer even know the light exists!

SO that being said I offer to you my light at the end...Just come to me, see my light..I offer you me. I'll be there please stop what your doing and I'll be there but not until.......In other words this image represents the bitch and how over powering she can be....The little flower is hope....Many of you may know what that means some not, the ones who do are the important one here..... "The Secret Desires Of Demons
Media: watercolor, colored pencils, sepia
Sometimes demons, too, long for beauty and peace."

this next one I'll leave my interpretation to my self "Wings

Media: oil on illustration board

I usually prefer to leave the meaning of my paintings open to interpretation, but lots of people have asked me about this one, so I'll answer. The basic idea was to convey the feelings of those who feel trapped in a life they did not create for themselves, those who are trying to break free, or at least pretend they're someone else. "

that it for now I'm still feeling ill and have been in bed for days now....Hopefully I will be back in fine shape soon, I was out Sunday thinking I was better only to be slapped in the face reminded that my body doesn't heal as fast as it used to...You think I would learn my lessons, thank goodness for past experiences and my vain vain vanity or I would let past mistakes go un headed as some do I just can't let my body get run down My future and my past will not let that happen. So I rest and hope for a better day tomorrow....Sleep induced or not is a good thing...

one last thing for today

a referring URL I wanted to share that I find most interesting....I think it shows a point of evolution on the internet.....A fine site worth investigating, and I do say so myself! That I do....C'mon please it's me here!


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