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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Something is not going with the bloglinker.....The other day I noticed my links where missing they came back now some are there and others are not...I think I may stop using it for good and find another link service....Any one have an Idea other than Blogroll?

moving tomorrow should I start packing or colour my hair and go out and look at boys....Hmmmmm the later C'mon who packs but last minute?

Go out and walk after the red hair dye is done...That's my day...Feels good to say I'll go out and walk most days I feel like just staying in bed....At least the past few months....


one other thing....The new place will be offline for a week...Ouch a week..That will be the longest time I've ever been offline....For years at least 5 years....The concept is disturbing to me.....I should be able to make a post or two from A internet cafe...We will see....I'm going to miss my blog big time...


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