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Thursday, July 07, 2005

To the bombings in London I say this

My sincerest sympathy's go out to England, being in the commonwealth I feel a deepest hurt when any fellow country under the crown is dealt a blow like this...I can only hope that we come out of this stronger and with more resolve to protect our way of life and keep out those who would hurt us....How dare they who ever they are...I don't understand nor will I feel any of us those they are trying to strike down...How could we when they would do such a thing , how could they think we would want to even try to listen to them or to at least understand....

Solidarity with my English brothers for ever....

I come out of this thinking when will they hit here in Canada? I'm scared every time I'm on the Subway here in Toronto, when on it I feel and intense urge to get of the train...Scary I couldn't imagine what they must be feeling now especial when you have to take it I only do when I must very infrequently....

I'm outz


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