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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo, why not something really freaking out there hot sexy and sorta gay....I'm thinking + on the back of my neck...What do you all think? But not in this form the plus sign in an other language.....I think its cool and would just save me so much grief if I just have it branded on the back of my neck that I"m poz....I'm very excited about this idea and it will happen....Any suggestions??? Send them to my email gaycanadianxpartyboy@hotmail.com

Positive Tattoos Bare HIV Status By Design

USA Today (08/22/94) P. 1D
Snead, Elizabeth

HIV tattoos are the latest method HIV-positive people have been using to disclose their condition to friends, family, and the general public. According to Richard Perez-Feria, editor of Poz magazine, the tattoos are "very empowering." "They are pushing people out of that last closet," he says. Health experts say tattooing presents no dangers, provided that proper hygiene is observed.


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