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Thursday, July 07, 2005

As I sit here at my computer and try to shut out the outside city buzz, the normal sounds like police and ambulance and fire sirens....The thing is I can't just like I can't everythime a plane flies low over the city...My mind instantly wonders to the thought of terror or what has happen...It way be a fleeting thought but its there none the less, this bothers me as they have reached me my life...Seeing it on TV in far of lands, and of course 9-11 that was oh to close has changed us me....I can't help but feel anger towards those who are the terrorists....They have ruined my peace, I admit its not that big on the grand scale my uncomfortably when herring an siren or a plane over head, or is it? Have they got to us are they getting what they set out to do...Do I even know what it is they are trying to do the so called terrorists...

enough this is what they want, to get to me, us....I guess I can only not let them get to me and continue my life...And once again condemn the attacks in London and send my love and compassion to the ones this horrific attacks has touched...



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