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Friday, June 10, 2005

It was so busy around here, not that I'm in this to be popular or am obsessed with how many people find me...I find it absolutely amazing at the diverse group of peoples who find their way here!

Want to se my Vividblurry
pimpleI'm calling it, it got big very fast and after a few days it popped and went away to leave a little mark not a big one you can barely notice it!

Oh it's so hot here my gad like I said before if this heat is from the south in the USa I couldn't imagine how let say Florida would be, nasty humid and smoggy....I was in L.A. last year but it's a dry heat, you can tolerate that Kamloops where i grew up several years was 30+c semi desert climate but dry heat it was 35 plus but never that uncomfortable..the worst is the smelly pits I use a good antiperspirant but its good for only so long....I've shaved of most a my fur coat that a cumulated over winter, I miss it in a way it added a layer for the air to circulate under my shirt now that the fabric in on my skin chest for example I feel hotter...Makes sense strange but true!

Ok Gota go stir up some trouble and get very angry with a certain businessman on Church street who may have done me very wrong and could have cost me 1000s..lets just say if he wronged me in this matter he will be regretting it I will never stop! I can be relentless.

...We need some new places here in Toronto so blah, the dam building owners have squeezed out anyone who cannot afford crazy hi rent so where left with nothing but coffee shops and lame as food!

A promoter done wrong is not a good thing, he will be warned!


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