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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hot Dam it's cooking up here!

I for the life of me have no clue how my American USA brothers and sisters can handle that hot humid weather for more than a few months thank goodness it's only here for a few months! Blah you complain all winter and then the summer gets here and its nasty humid and smoggy! What can you do?

So I'm downing Babylon 5 season 2 on Bitlord there are over 20 parts to the file!, I've already got over half and watched them, I decided to pause several of the sub files so the few that I have not seen are in faster...What happens I get the two files and the rest are gone...I lost over a gig of episodes because the program once it finished downing the files I left on considered the entire file done now! Does this make any sense? It does to me any way I'm pissed I've been waiting for days to get them and most where 98% finished...basically I lost 10 episodes so I could watch two tonight!

Hey I tweak my downloads to get them as fast as possible, not that hi speed cable is fast enough for me! Well its funny, it's not now, I remember 14.4 modem ridiculous slow! Now I see there is something called super cable or super hi speed, I wonder what that's all about....My room mate has no use for the speed she just does ebay and email...wouldn't understand the need for me to download multi gig files in less than a few hours! but hey I can wait, I love it I have seen more babylon 5 in the past week than I care to admit..Why did I miss this when it was new? I'm at season 2 episode 14 There all the Honor lies, Just biting my nails to find out more about the Vorlons...OK its late I'm a geek at heart, I'm up till 5am the past three night I got A get a Man?

Oh Ya Boston is in my sites later this summer...Been invited Very Excited!

Feeling Fine, Doc says pancreas is resolved. Or at least the cyst is that they opened into my stomach to drain Now I have a new problem...Spasming Bowl..What the Fuck its dam painful and never stops...I couldn't believe the Doc when he says eat more fiber..I wanted to cry...After all this he tells me now I have to eat more freaking fiber What the Fuck is going on here! So second opinion in the works, and more tests scans and probes. In the mean time its pain meds to the rescue, My little friends are becoming a blessing and a curse...

I'm thinking It may be a side efect from the operations or a complication, I need to look into this. I've never had an issues with my bowles and am freaked out and mad!


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