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Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Pride 

Well the city is a bursting with Gay Boys It's going to be 40+c to hot for me THe news says a huge humid smog polluted air mass is moving up from the good old USA have to love them American humid smoggy air masses...Not that we up here are not guilty of the same bad habits my self guilty of leaving the lights on we do have the coal burning power plants here as well although I do believe we have imposed stricter emissions controls and are committed to cleaning up the air and the like!

SO speaking of hot air just got a blast of it through the window....

OH Boy I'm tired worn out, I want to just say forget it to everything and everyone and stay home all weekend in Bed but alas that would be very very bad for me to do....lets just say several people would not want anything to do with me if I did such a thing.....

So like I always do I'm into the shower to get ready for another day of telling everyone what to do!

Ok I like it but man when does the money stay in my hands....

I'm outz

HAPPY PRIDE and Welcome the World to Toronto

one million can't be wrong To bad I never get to see the parade!.....
oh there I go again its always about me no isn't it at least here it is!


I'm outz



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