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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I survived 

Oh boy with it being 40+c the past week wow what a pride I survived with only the satisfaction of having done my job well and made many people happy including my last hour sex date that lasted 10+ hours..I'm sore everywhere all my muscles are ravaged including my but and cock

I met this amazing bottom boy from Ireland with the cutest accent that took my very willing dick for hour after hour....

On that note....

Today is an historical day in Canada, My Federal Parliament is expected to vote today by 8pm on the same sex marriage bill, it's going to pass they say even though the liberal party is a minority government...
Canada the third country in the World to do this, that is something to celebrate....its been legal for a while on the provincial level and through the courts so this kinda ties it all up...

Canada a place where rights are respected no matter who you are, a cheer for us is in order today...

look for updates here on the vote I will be following it closely today....

more about my pride later....

All The Best

I'm outz


the Bill has passed the vote in parliament is expected to become law in month once it passes the senate...The senate being only a formality...So it is now legal in all parts of Canada

I myself as a gay man have never really thought about the idea of marriage but I must admit it is something to be proud of and today I very proud to be Canadian more so than ever....

Who knows I may meet that special guy and it could happen the import thing is I have the option to do so....


Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Pride 

Well the city is a bursting with Gay Boys It's going to be 40+c to hot for me THe news says a huge humid smog polluted air mass is moving up from the good old USA have to love them American humid smoggy air masses...Not that we up here are not guilty of the same bad habits my self guilty of leaving the lights on we do have the coal burning power plants here as well although I do believe we have imposed stricter emissions controls and are committed to cleaning up the air and the like!

SO speaking of hot air just got a blast of it through the window....

OH Boy I'm tired worn out, I want to just say forget it to everything and everyone and stay home all weekend in Bed but alas that would be very very bad for me to do....lets just say several people would not want anything to do with me if I did such a thing.....

So like I always do I'm into the shower to get ready for another day of telling everyone what to do!

Ok I like it but man when does the money stay in my hands....

I'm outz

HAPPY PRIDE and Welcome the World to Toronto

one million can't be wrong To bad I never get to see the parade!.....
oh there I go again its always about me no isn't it at least here it is!


I'm outz



Saturday, June 18, 2005

Could it be is for real?

I do declare Da GEEKSLUT is back!!!!!!

Welcome back can't wait to read about your exploits down there in Florida, one of the first blogs I looked at, a true inspiration to me and others who are poz and fighting drug/alcohol addictions.....


Friday, June 17, 2005

Me so very tired 

Oh boy...

If any of you all had any idea what it takes to put on a world class party you would call me crazy for being involved....

I'm thinking some of ya do ITs crazy...ANd I'm low on the totem pole, the guys running the shows are putting in 20 hour days seven days a week....Oh the stress of it all...

I need Go Go boys, FLyer guys, poster guys and another one a me! Any offers....

I'll try to get here and keep ya all up to date on my crazy life as best I can...

till next time




Friday, June 10, 2005

It was so busy around here, not that I'm in this to be popular or am obsessed with how many people find me...I find it absolutely amazing at the diverse group of peoples who find their way here!

Want to se my Vividblurry
pimpleI'm calling it, it got big very fast and after a few days it popped and went away to leave a little mark not a big one you can barely notice it!

Oh it's so hot here my gad like I said before if this heat is from the south in the USa I couldn't imagine how let say Florida would be, nasty humid and smoggy....I was in L.A. last year but it's a dry heat, you can tolerate that Kamloops where i grew up several years was 30+c semi desert climate but dry heat it was 35 plus but never that uncomfortable..the worst is the smelly pits I use a good antiperspirant but its good for only so long....I've shaved of most a my fur coat that a cumulated over winter, I miss it in a way it added a layer for the air to circulate under my shirt now that the fabric in on my skin chest for example I feel hotter...Makes sense strange but true!

Ok Gota go stir up some trouble and get very angry with a certain businessman on Church street who may have done me very wrong and could have cost me 1000s..lets just say if he wronged me in this matter he will be regretting it I will never stop! I can be relentless.

...We need some new places here in Toronto so blah, the dam building owners have squeezed out anyone who cannot afford crazy hi rent so where left with nothing but coffee shops and lame as food!

A promoter done wrong is not a good thing, he will be warned!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New links 

Hey Over there -------------->>>>

I've added a few new links, I tell you I need an assistant to read blogs for me now!

Its so dam hot here in Toronto 30+ C for the next several days...Good for me means lots A work..Busy as busy can be is me!

Hey boys If I didn't tel you yet get your buts up here to Toronto for Pride its going to be the 25 anniversary big week here end of June!

If you ask nice I'll set you up!!!

And I wont ask for anything in return unless you as hot as this guy!

Brat Boy

Dam he is one cute guy, I think he deserves an award for new and interesting blog to!

On my short list of blogs I read!

Hot Dam it's cooking up here!

I for the life of me have no clue how my American USA brothers and sisters can handle that hot humid weather for more than a few months thank goodness it's only here for a few months! Blah you complain all winter and then the summer gets here and its nasty humid and smoggy! What can you do?

So I'm downing Babylon 5 season 2 on Bitlord there are over 20 parts to the file!, I've already got over half and watched them, I decided to pause several of the sub files so the few that I have not seen are in faster...What happens I get the two files and the rest are gone...I lost over a gig of episodes because the program once it finished downing the files I left on considered the entire file done now! Does this make any sense? It does to me any way I'm pissed I've been waiting for days to get them and most where 98% finished...basically I lost 10 episodes so I could watch two tonight!

Hey I tweak my downloads to get them as fast as possible, not that hi speed cable is fast enough for me! Well its funny, it's not now, I remember 14.4 modem ridiculous slow! Now I see there is something called super cable or super hi speed, I wonder what that's all about....My room mate has no use for the speed she just does ebay and email...wouldn't understand the need for me to download multi gig files in less than a few hours! but hey I can wait, I love it I have seen more babylon 5 in the past week than I care to admit..Why did I miss this when it was new? I'm at season 2 episode 14 There all the Honor lies, Just biting my nails to find out more about the Vorlons...OK its late I'm a geek at heart, I'm up till 5am the past three night I got A get a Man?

Oh Ya Boston is in my sites later this summer...Been invited Very Excited!

Feeling Fine, Doc says pancreas is resolved. Or at least the cyst is that they opened into my stomach to drain Now I have a new problem...Spasming Bowl..What the Fuck its dam painful and never stops...I couldn't believe the Doc when he says eat more fiber..I wanted to cry...After all this he tells me now I have to eat more freaking fiber What the Fuck is going on here! So second opinion in the works, and more tests scans and probes. In the mean time its pain meds to the rescue, My little friends are becoming a blessing and a curse...

I'm thinking It may be a side efect from the operations or a complication, I need to look into this. I've never had an issues with my bowles and am freaked out and mad!


Friday, June 03, 2005

I thought I would share with you all some of the blogs I like to look at every few days!

Some you will notice have some things to say around here! I've come to care about these guys, I find I have some things in common with them and some things are very different about us but friends none the less!

I know there links are to the right so in the future stop back and check them out in my links.

From the Ashes

Water Colour Boy


Homeboi's Diary


What the...

From the banks of the Dirty Titt

Worldwide Ryan

nocturnal emissions

stop touching my food

Sorry if I missed ya You all know who you are and if you don't you do now or will soon, Its my favolicuos list a blog studs!

A few more to add I am out the door, Its Pride warm up I'm going 15 hours a Day, You all would be surprised at some of my clients! I bet most a you Yanks would know one of them them very well in fact I bet many a you have had several hot hook ups because my client! LOL serious though But I can't tell ya its a work thing you all understand I'm sure! We are a taken over Toronto I'm well in to it!


Big Hugz to ya All!



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