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Friday, May 20, 2005

Wow my hits sky rocketed in the last 20 four hours!

Here at the X party Boy's site I've reached a mile stone in my blogging life 30 000 hits to the blog!. Thanks in no part to the blogger who I've dedicated in part this post to!

It's funny he says in this
post that he just came across my blog recently, I've linked to his blog since practically the beginnings of my Blog.

So I look at the site meter and see over 100 plus hits form a site I linked to a few years back one of the first blogs I stumbled across!


So after I went to his site I was a bit surprised to see what he said about me!. I am not sure how to take his comments about me.

I would like to say I do not smoke crack and I do not use crystal meth. I do have a disease I've been poz for five years now and struggled with the reality by escapism, more often than not through alcohol.

After finding out I had pancratites at a young age comparatively to others, I've had to stop drinking and choose to live a clean live, I still have A drink on occasion but nothing like before!. I keep my self busy and have a very strong presence in the gay community here in Toronto.

What I've put to words in this post is nothing I have not spoke about before on this blog. Like many gay men I've had my issues and party favors have been one over the years, like I've said before my destructive lifestyle in the past has led me to a life now with health issues.

Would I have not done what I did if I had known the consequences...probably not. I can only stress to others through my blog and in my personal life to others that moderation is key to a healthy life. IF you play hard you are going to fall hard.

Grammar has never been a strong point in my life. I make no apologies for the style I publish my blog. I have been ridiculed in the past for my use of the exclamation mark and try to use it sparingly. I'm still trying to figure out why I have a hankering for the punctuation mark!

I guess in a way I am trying to give my posts some feeling or let you all know that what I've stated here is to me A way of stressing that I am excited or there is more emotion to what I've said. I do not know. When I blog its more often than not thoughts that I am having that come out in a semi random un structured way. I like to keep it that way. I think by not editing what I say here, I come across as more real. Sure I could spend hours making sure the post is presented in an academic grammatically proper way. But I simply cannot be bothered.

Run on sentences have been a problem for me since as far back as I can remember. In fact I distinctively remember several report cards in grade school that my teachers commented on the very same thing!

As I've said before this is I, my life..Un scripted and unedited...the real me!
Take it or leave it....

Oh yes and I am a hot catch by the way....get on my good side and I will send you a few pics of myself!

Ok I know my grammar is not to many peoples liking. So to show that I can put down my thoughts to a medium such as this blog in some what of a grammatically correct way, I've edited and tried my best to show I do have the ability if needed. I hope you are all feeling good now and your brains are at ease!. But do not get used to it this is not going to be a new turn of style for me. So bite it, or if you prefer suck on it or how about just Blow me!, you do not even have to ask nice!


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