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Friday, May 20, 2005

So you know I'm not the most talented at grammar I think I get my point across that's the most important thing to me, I'm not publishing a book here for sale C'mon guys give me a break

I feel like I may have to turn on the bitch inside me!

I retired the nasty name calling finger pointing attitude riddled bitch several years ago....

But after thinking more about it I shall keep it under control and be the mature guy that I've become over the past few years, I learned back then that when your a nasty bitch that thinks you can outsmart everyone and think you know better than everyone...You end up alone and nothing but a bitter nasty name calling fag at the end of the night with nothing but a sore arm from your finger up your ass all night and a foul smelling mouth from sucking on your nasty self in a tempt to come across as clean when your nothing but a pathetic ass kisser who jumps on the latest trend. You find your self a shell of a man that hides the true nature of your self which is a man that is week, empty, a person who needs to ridicule others for self gain. You hurt so much that you have to project your pain on others, why because its the easy way out, and your all about that. Its when you realize its all about how you interact with the world is when you will be a man I want to know, you get what you give out!...Its to bad others have to make fun. I don't understand why others feel the need to make jokes about me on there blogs.

The saying goes you should worry when they stop talking about you! But still being called a retard by this boy who obviously is looking for attention hit below the belt, I think I will stop looking at the site meter if I'm going to start getting more personal attacks from people like that, especially guys I wouldn't even consider talking to I have my standards they may be low but I do have my limits and after seeing that guy they have been once again reaffirmed! After all a guys charity work can only go so far and I'm booked up solid, with the many fundraisers I'm helping with..I couldn't possibly take on another charity case....

All I can say is not me I am not bitter, I shall leave that to the nasty ugly fags out there!

One thing I will never understand is why so many nasty men in looks and mental capacities think they have the right to carry an attitude towards others. It's more often the guy you would walk past on the street and not even notice I find who is the worst one, the most deprived one who develops the fiercest insecurities and feels the need to lash out...

It's my opinion that you have to have the looks to carry an attitude, if you don't have it then you just look and sound stupid.

The secret is to know if you have it or not, and if you do, to only use it when needed..Other wise you look like a fool. There are so many guys out there that are just plain ugly inside. The ones you here bashing everyone and at the end of the day complaining about there miserable state.

Please, I know from personal experience the rude nasty ones are always the loneliest ones.

I Think it's a faze you go through some of us out grow it others don't its sad really it is I feel sorry for them!

The wonderful thing about all this is I've been on so many different journeys through life that I can see things from many varying points of view, to have low life middle class gay boys poke fun of me is really not that significant to me, I think you guys should really be pointing your fingers at your selves and trying to fix the sad state of your mental capacity for kindness and compassion to your fellow man!

I can walk the walk and talk the talk, not that I like to self flatter my self but just so you know when I walk by everyone notices me! Why you may ask...Several reasons, I always have a smile on my face, a kind word to say, even if your nasty to me, I don't discriminate to the boys who where not blessed in the genetics department, when you meet me I am welcoming, I have a natural way to make others feel comforted and relaxed, and to top that all of, I am a pleasure to look at from front to back to top to bottom!. Well now you know all my secrets...Don't hate me because I'm gorgeous :) and a nice guy, hate me if I am an ass and just plain stupid, we all know there is just no excuse for nasty queens. With one exception to the rule the ones who are truly stupid you know the ones, we have all met a few, you wonder how does he make it through life? Can someone actually be that stupid? Well yes, Some of them even read this blog, much to my amusement trying to figure out how people like that managed to get online! I guess I blame the get everyone else to do it for me generation for that, hey I don't need to know a thing I'll just call someone to do it! Any idiot can make a phone call!

You see people they are the ones we take care of and forgive after all you cannot help genetics your either born with it or your not!


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