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Monday, May 16, 2005

Ok this is so fabulous, the other day I noticed the cat sitting on a chair by the balcony, I was thinking why is he sitting there! Hmmm then I noticed the bird on the balcony! It was singing very loud and very chipper and cheery sounding! I love it in the urban chaos that the birds still are able to make a life for them selves! So I think he is just sitting there hanging, then I see an other one the female...Hmmm they have decided to create a nest on my balcony on some lattice up for the flowers....How cool is that....My room mate and I are like little kids all excited over a new family pet, pondering the cat and what to do! Poor kitty is now officially locked out of the balcony till the new family is done...We are already planning on helping them with some seeds and there is a water fountain on my balcony already how cool is that for them! They will be the happiest little Finches is the Hood!

I found this pic scroll to the bottom of the page, I haven't got a close look but I think its a Finch its all red on the chest..I'll get a closer look and fill you all in on the new fab exciting balcony bird family!

Wow I had my first official orgy last Wednesday....

I was at the most fab bath here in Toronto SteamWorks.....

Five guys lined up on my bed oh my, I had to leave the room and get a handful of condoms it was to funny....Had another three way this time I was on the top not in the middle that was fun...What a hot feeling up a guys but when he is cuming.....oh boy..memories I tell you from that night....I had three guys buts in all and several big dicks that where far to big for my mouth to get around...ouch....And the next day I could barley walk! Seriously I had a work out that night some muscles I hadn't used in a while where so sore I had a hard time walking the next few days....

IN other news I've been to the Surgeon, now he says to me that I may have post operative complications or a new cysts has formed on my pancreas...Hmmm like I didn't already think that! So what is next? more tests scans the like I've been through so many times before...More on that in a few months after the scans....

Pride is soon here in Toronto, I'm as per going to be very very busy....there is double the amount of parties to go to this year, so instead of 6 or so there is over 10 and guess what I'm involved with many of them.....

This year is going to be crazy in fact I took this past weekend of to rest up for the storm that is about to hit this city, with two major groups of pride parties and all the promo that will need being done along with several other things I'm up to. it will be 16 hour days seven days a week.....That's no kidding there I don't think many guys know what goes into the big events they travel all around the world to see, its not just call a few places get a DJ and bam a party.....

If your on your way to Toronto look into this party that I'm helping with

RISE Pride Weekend Toronto

The guys behind RISE are the best promoters in Toronto! Gary Brown, as well as Jason Ford who is the one who brought you Unity in past years..So look for a good party in the style you expect from Toronto Canada's largest city and one of the worlds gayest places....

I'm especially recommending the Eden party.....:)
I've been involved with this party of and on for the past few years
Check them out and also some of there sponsors and in doing so helping me out.....
Its going to be one big big year here in Toronto so if you haven't made plans yet get you buts up here its going to be fab.....

This year wouldn't be complete with out me helping with Fashion Cares the AIds Committee of Toronto's fundraiser....

On Saturday, June 4, 2005,
East Meets Western
Experience a one-of-a-kind cultural explosion at the 19th annual Fashion Cares. East Indian movie glamour collides with Western rodeos to combust in M·A·C VIVA GLAM Bollywood Cowboy.


? Jann Arden performs two songs from her newest album, including her hit "Where No One Knows Me"
? Feist joins the entertainment line-up. With her hit album "Let It Die", the Canadian singer is earning international raves.
? Other confirmed entertainers include the Brazilian Girls and the Panjabi Hit Squad.
? Buy customized Levi's© denim jackets signed by Cher, Céline Dion, Duran Duran, 50 Cent, Ashlee Simpson and Shania Twain in our advance eBay auctions.
? Download the new Scissor Sisters track, "Backwoods Discotheque," and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ACT.

With over 5,000 people expected to attend, Fashion Cares stands as Canada's largest and most sensational AIDS fundraiser.

As well I'm helping with Folsom Fair North three
The world?s sexiest & hottest leather and fetish lovers will again converge on Toronto for FOLSOM FAIR NORTH III this July! they are a charitable organization that supports the Aids Committee of Toronto

We are excited to announce that FFN3 Weekend will take place Friday, July 15, 2005 ? Sunday, July 17, 2005 ? plan to take Monday off! We are honoured by the recognition we have received from all over the world and especially? being called ?one hot mother-fu***er? by Instigator Magazine, "The Best Event to Attend in Toronto" and "the one of the top 8 Best Destinations in the World Outside the US" by Instinct Magazine, & recently being nominated ?Largest Event of the Year? by Pantheon of Leather.

This is just a few things I'm involved with it just keeps getting larger every year!

So if your not into the big circuit parties than come out and support the local Aids charities

Also if any of this does not get you going also look at the other options for Pride here in toronto that I"m helping with

The big party of last year that is doing it again Prism,

They have assembled all the top promoters here in Toronto who are my friends so please go out and support them as well, we are a very hard working group of very dynamic people who do it all for you!

With then bringing in Boy George and many of the top club land entertainers of today with a big budget look for them to be a good choice and hey if you have the cash why not go to all the parties.....Look for me at the main event here with my vip pass chatting up Boy George.....

hey when your an insider you get a few perks....Just like I found a pic of my self and Simone Denny on her web site at a Fab party with Jai from Queer Eye I helped with last year...Love them back stage passes..Its to bad I don't remember even meeting him..Wow was I drunk that night!...

But seriously me and my crew work very very hard its all for you guys so when you see us out there say hi, be nice and know that its all about You and a good time for you...Be responsible, play safe, use safe, know your limits, know when to say NO....If you follow these few things you will be ok....Overindulgence is your worst enemy...and never ever forget your only as strong as your weakest link!

If you wonder why does he involve himself with both events two competing parties, well I'm about the new way of doing things here in Toronto..Sure its about money to the people who put them on to a point, but how could I feel good about myself if I didn't let you know about everything......I'm about working together to support my community, there for I try to be friends with everyone, if I can't I can't but I try and keep it together..Drama free for me....Anyone who follows gay toronto politics will know what I'm talking about......

Peace and Big Hugz to you alll

And to my critics out there Now you see what I've been up to!


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