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Saturday, May 21, 2005

ManCandy get your ManCandy Here!

They represent Toronto's gay community with flare and are on to something I say!

The event last night was without a doubt a 100% success.

You can find some pics here of all the fab people there last night!

So it's a great day in the Mega City metropolis city of

I am out to get some sun, not that I need it I have a very nice tan if I do say so myself! and hey never the modest one I do!

I am so happy to have been picked on by some of my fellow bloggers in fact I am honored in a way that Vividblurry decide to do what he did after the initial sting...Its getting super busy around here and that can only be good because its inspired me to post more than ever!

Hey isn't that what the Hollywood types like the most when they are on the down slope! negative exposure can be a good thing I thought that the entire time! And hey I'm like I said not there for fame or fortune. My message is the key and the more that here it the more the better! If I can help one person I have succeeded! And I shall let you all in on something I have helped many, and especially the young ones who are inspired by me to be careful and not over do it! I will never get tired of saying in Moderation, its the secret to a happy gay life! Learn form others who have been there and you will come out a wise gay man it's a given!

Ok not that I care that much but I've been using a grammar checker program have any noticed a change at least a small one?


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