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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hmm here is another guy I've linked to for some time, Now he comments on me. Its strange how some of these guys who I either looked up to or where inspired to blog by now are putting there mark here! I am not sure how I feel when I am complimented sort of and criticized at the same time! I think it's in part because in my circle in real life no one would dare talk down to me, at least not to my face, to many people I know have too much to lose if they did! A fellow Canadian at that and a west coaster to! Hmm I wonder if I had known this guy when I was there I did after all work at a bar there called the Odyssey! I wonder if I tuned him down or slept with him way back then! Hmm I guess we will never know? Joking god do I have to put this LOL besides everything I say that is tainted by my sly sense of humour? Get it people please! I have a strange sense of humour Dry and not that good...LOL will follow from now on so I am more understood than it a pear I am being!

One thing I do not take well is when people make fun or criticized me, not something I like to talk about lots but when I was a kid I was alone usually and very introverted, I was picked on and teased on a daily basis! I was a loner you could say, not by choice! Having a drug addicted mother who moved every few months made it hard to have any friends, I was tormented and beat up several times as well! Things changed once I moved out on my own and into foster care, but it was hard and now I get very defensive, really after facing death this past few years I really need to find other things to be worried about than who on here decides to talk about me! Like I said and will reaffirm to my self Its what I get, this is part of blogging and opening your self up to the net! Still the boy in my gets very defensive and I degrees into a scared kid in the corner looking around wondering why everyone is so scared to talk to me or what I did to get this!


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