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Saturday, May 21, 2005

An extension of myself this blog has become! 

So when you reach out and are attacked or made fun of it stings a bit!

Enough of that, I really am not the kind to carry a grudge in fact I should more often than I tend to. I think that in the reality of my life it would serve me in kind ten fold to not be a nice guy! How does one change the nature of their personality to be more, Hmmm lets say strong in a less a pealing way to others but in a way to protect ones self and interests? I ask of you.

In saying that this blog is an extension of myself I've come to realize that by doing so that is bloging, I have opened my life up to the on line world and should not be so inept and unreasonable when dealing with those who would criticize me! I shall be strong and take the hi road in moral temperament and bow down to those who would try to strike me! What I say here is I regardless of the format I choose to bring myself to it, The Internet/online world will accept me or leave me stay if you want please do not come back if you don't like what you see, it is I none the less.

It's funny I have been online since the Internet was in its infancy when many who are online now where children, I was writing computer code in the sixth grade, yet I never seemed to grasp the English language in all its complexities. I have contemplated it many times and in my past I've just considered it a non issue. My point if it comes across, I am served well. I see the English language as an evolving entity and the way we use it in constant change, something I know many others see. So is it indulgent of me to see the way I choose to use it as such, an evolution, I really do not think that it's necessary to make it so complicated, I leave that to the history writers and teachers in the world. Yes in some instances it is necessary to be formal but this is a Journal a diary that I've chosen to open to the world, for all to see. I've invited you in to my personal space, would you come in to my home and criticize me, should I take it? Yes! But only if it's in your space, I welcome you come in sit down but do not make me regret it, for I am a good person, I will make you feel welcome, show you a good time, show you my pain, ask for your shoulder, trust you, This is I. I should be more protective of myself I know, in a way this blog is a natural evolution of my self to the Internet and in doing so it makes sense that certain real life situations will play out here to. I can turn it of, stop doing it, I will not though I will keep it up, the secret is that this medium serves me very well, it grounds me, helps me sort out my feelings, calm my nerves. I am confident this is why in the past others put to paper their thoughts and feeling in the original version of the blog a Diary / journal. How brilliant a concept, I do it not for fame or fortune or for self glory/and not for pity, to be popular No. I do it for my sanity my health my life!...

So stay sit down join me for a while but please do not be rude in my space.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<-and if I want to put a thousand of these her I will so There Hahahaa!

Ok I just watched Star Wars III! How cools was that movie, and I found it the bit torrent way...Nothing like a film to wake you up in the morning. I give it a 9.9 hey I'm biased how many of us in are early thirties stayed up late renting the first three on video, I've seen them dozens of times it's only normal for a man who grew up on TV and Movies, I don't give credit often but when credit is due I'll give it! You American boys sure know how to whip a film up! I tell you, that being said us Canadians know that many of the peoples in Hollywood are Canadians..So it's something we do very well together! We should try other things and see what happens! Hmmm a concept No?


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