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Friday, April 22, 2005

Wow I'm so super busy its crazy! but like any gay man I find time for sex! And last night I got my hole stretched out big time! Ouch I can still feel it.....

Remember the guy I was talking about a few times on here that I go home with well I wasn't planning on going to see him at his work but it just happened that he was in the right mood and I was well I'm always when he asks me to go home with him! I know I said I wouldn't again but hey I'm human and I like the guy.....SO as I'm leaving this afternoon he says see you soon!...well I'm the one saying that most times...see you soon, call me...It was nice seeing you, you know the usual suspect hidden meanings, in other words I like you...I want to see you again soon...and more often....that sort of stuff! emotions are a factor....OH boy!

OK I gota get my stretched out ass in the shower and wash his sexy man scent of me so I can go out and get busy, although its raining and miserable out in Toronto tonight! I'd much rather stay in and order some chinese take out! But when your the boss and got lots on the go there is no stopping the beast rain or shine the party beast will never be stopped! Just when you have a record breaking hot day its cold and raining the next the weather here sucks big time!

Ok I'm outs!


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