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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well if you haven't Noticed I've put a link to Rosie's Blog on here You remember her the one who had a talk show a while back! Are most fab lesbian from the Good Old USA! I was reading a post about her and a homeless guy at her BLOG It made me think about the homeless guys that have been on Church street for the past few years like the one who wants to give hugs for change now there are three that have been out there for the past few years I often wonder why they are there now I'm thinking they may have some mental issues and not be all there Seen as I'm out there every night doing my thing promoting I will now look at them in a new way! I was homeless at one time for a few days when I moved to Toronto I forget this and how scary it was for me! Then I think well I did something about it fast why have they not, it must be that they are not all there....Wow makes you think about how you treat your fellow man I won't give them money but hey a smoke or a coffee why not!....Thanks Rosie for the good thoughts!


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