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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Steam Works and an new VIP at 5ive NightCLub 

So it was off to a private VIP bar opening party at 5ive Nightclub, oh oysters and Champaign didn't like the Champaign so I had a few oysters hob knobbed with all the big promoters and bar Celebes and the like including several people I do bizz with!

So I'm in the washroom powdering my nose and well someone I've had my eye on and more than a few times, I thought about his big chest and so on! Hmmm he grabs me looks up at this point we are in the stall he opened my pants looking up and asks me is this wrong? I'm thinking holy shit this guy is hot one of the most respected well know promoters in Toronto and he is wanting my dick! Ha-ha I'm like are you for real keep going, sure enough he has my # in his phone already and well I'm not going to tell the rest I have no Idea who in Toronto may read this! lets just say I got a good workout at steamworks again! and it was not in the usual place I was taking it all that night!

Oh I forgot the pleasure a man can give you when your in a receptive mood! OK OK I bottomed god dam it and I've thought about it more and more the few times I've been with guys this past week...the thing is I really don't want it to turn into a nasty mess if you know what I mean and I don't go out ever with the idea I should clean out my but, first I don't know?

I am more top but I don't want to be greedy and I have a feeling some of the guys I want are more up to the idea of a more equal role! Being a guy I can understand that? I mean the cock is made for this kind of business! I tend to get my share of guys who look confused when they get me in bed finally they most always think I'm a bottom(go figure there is my hot but getting in the way again! hey I'm as modest as they can come you all know that! but serious I do have a nice but!) and that's not what they most often end up with but the last two guys wanted my but something bad and well if the one from last week didn't pass out on me he would have got it like #2 this week did and boy he got it!

OH K, shower time its time to get out there and sell sell sell no not my but but sometimes I think I should charge the amount of guys that line up for it are sickening! I swear at the baths I had one after another guy ask me to go in there rooms! Couples and one guy came up to me in the shower and said you are amazing sexy He was infatuated with me!, I just wanted to let you know your hot!

Now If I didn't have but hair long enough to braid, and a forest growing on me I would have agreed...come to think of it he had a hairy chest to I'm thinking he liked the fact I am brave enough to go to the bath O natural! Hey I'm not shy when it comes to sex or my body I have a big dick and a very nice but hairy or not the guys line up for me and Its about time I start to take advantage I could have sex ten times a day if I wanted but I don't I've never had a high sex drive and the guys I meet are mediocre its me my insecurities that hold me back.

I get from many guys Hey I thought your a bitch so I didn't come up to you or you intimidated me I thought I was not you type! So in theory if I'm more open less nasty to men more and more attractive men like my self who are shy to will come up to me! Its only logical and I'm getting so many guys hitting on me its insane I'm feeling good and it shows!

Its sad the only guys who are brave enough are the ones who figure I have nothing to loose the worst he can do is rub me off like most guys I'm thinking would to them! I know rude but hey I have to be a bit of a bitch or I'd end up in every ones bed! And there is no time for that only good looking guys need apply! hey I know rude but C'mon I have a wide range in what I find good looking so there!

C'mon if we are all shy than we are all going to end up alone at the end of the night! That's it I'm putting on my sex drive and bringing out the trimmer its time to get my sex on! Screw the ideal of a boyfriend I'm going for as much gratuitous sex as I can get! The guys on several of the sex sites I'm on are so hot the ones who ask me to come over I'm going to start taking it up! And next time two hot twinks ask me to come in there room at the bath I'm a heading in to fuck both of them! Hey I was tired the other night or I would have dam, Ok I'm out and tonight I'm going to get some ass, I'll let you all know how many Monday

Hi all In Vancouver I would love a walk on English Bay, I so miss that place All though it was most times late at night I was there in the bushes doing sorted things! I'm sure if a guy had asked I would have been beside myself to have a walk in the park with them! I like the simple things in life...Good to here from You again! Hey why not start your own blog? Its spring here In Toronto but Vancouver there is nothing like spring there oh I miss it so much I really could move back in a heart beat if I could! I don't think I could handle it though to many bad memories and places to bring them back!

OK I"m outz

Hugz to all in the West


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