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Friday, April 08, 2005

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I had to share this with you all! Its not often that I find comments on my blog out there but this was a nice changer to see! After the last one that I found made it necessary to make fun of my grammar skills and the like it was to funny to find this, a nice break in the day and a good laugh and possible a lot more are to be found at this blog! Oh yes and some I'm not sure about but quite strait guys! WEll I said not sure but none the less I'm thinking this will be on my list of daily stops and something new the first link that is not out and out gay! Hey a concept to think about!!!

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Gay Canadian X Party Boy
So while I was in Mexico, Laura had another flare up of the old gull bladder. She was in the hospital for 6 or so days and they wouldn't let her eat or drink anything. But they did put her on a morphine drip. Me being the concerned boyfriend that I am, I decided to do a goggle search on gull bladder and morphine to see if there is any side effects to the shit. Leave it to the F'n Canadians to figure out that it turns you gay.

On an other note I'm feeling ok my mood is good and well its crazy for me here lets just say there is only one of me and everyone wants my time! I'm taking over this gay city one big step at a time! Watch out all of you don't be nervous though I'm a nice guy I'll never forget that and the ones who helped me!

Ok I'm off to get my self a tan and oh Ya remember the boy I talked about a few months back the one I've been with of and on the one who works in a bar on Church! WEll I've always liked him lotsss and well he asked me the other night when I was over at his place what are we doing?this was the one of many nights we have been together in as many years, as in are we going to start something a relationship of some kind!

Now this really scared me because this would be the first time in 7 years that a guy I really care about, I have feeling for has made a move...I got very nervous and couldn't tell him what I wanted to I give him hints but I don't know I want to be sure where he is coming from!....The thing is being sober and dealing with this is all new I've never been here before so its like I'm a teen all over for the first time! I'm scared and confused and happy a the same time...

After I'm with him I can't stop thinking about him oh its crazy...I know it should be as easy as asking him how he feels about me I just don't want to ruin what we have if its just a night of sex once in a while I could do that I want more though its a hard spot to be in he is driving me crazy I tell him I care and I want to show him!...oh dam it why is this happening now I need a distraction am I ready for one? Yes I am dam it!

I deserve to show my love! and share my life I have lots to offer and I want to give it now dam it! plus he is poz so its so much easy to be with each other with out the over whelming stress of giving someone you love a fatal illness that could kill them and take them away from you! I've done that once and never ever want to go there again! never!

Ok outz its a perfect spring day in the gaybourhood and I need to get out there!....]

On a total self gratifying ego boosting side note take a look at my sitemeter! 27000 I can't believe that its coming on the 3 years I've been here! Wow You know when I started this blog back when I was very ill and way far from where I am now I'm happy I shared I wouldn't do it any other way! Feel free to let me know you are here with me on my crazy journey through life...27000 and strong and growing hey I'm here I'm open its my life take it or leave it! But please please know this is me and only me its in no way drama or fiction I'm at a loss to how anyone could be so naughty and do such A thing! Keep it real! All my love and life for you to see! I'm here I'm gay and proud!

Ok long winded to So I'm outz for real this time


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