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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Winter is really getting my mood down its cold and wet and there are piles of snow every where! I'm starting to keep myself busy but when its cold out I'm not liking it as much!

My reputation in this community of getting the word out is starting to spread like wild fire! Happy about that!

New place Great place I recommend it when here in Toronto every time I go once a month or so I get very very lucky!. There is something about the place!, the guys are all sexed up.

For some reason last night was not the night for me that I usually have there!

After a bad night at a local bath I've given up on the sex life again for a while! Soon as I got there I realized its been a while since I trimmed the body plus I'm still healing from the operations and well it was a waste of 20$ Its funny with in 2 min of getting in to the place I had my dick up some guys but! Not one I would have wanted if I had first pick on who I could have had! So I do some looking around there is some hot action going on this guy has three in his room the next thing I know he is like you want my friends but! I'm thinking ok! So he comes in to my room the first time I've had a double room! No hi or hello its just legs up in the air! Then I smell something if you know what I mean..Like most guys I know this is sometimes a problem and like most guys I know when it will and what to do about it or not what to do! Anyway I told the guy he needs to shower and that ended that!

What is it with guys who want to bottom and there just not ready for it, it was not just him it was the first guy to I was with! I lost interest watched some porn on the TV in my room and made it home for 6am....The second guy smelled so bad it was noticeable the moment he was in my room! C'mon why can't they shower do something! Now I'm not often a bottom but when I do I clean my self good! Just got me all turned off! So after thinking about it I realized it was not me that was really the problem! I don't feel I should have to shave my body hair off all the time! Trim yes in some places but I can't really be bothered I'm hairy like it if not to bad! Next!

Ok I'm trying to get my sleeping in order for the next four days busy busy Its transition night I'm up late so I can stay up the next four night to get some things done in the Village! Its 5am I'm wide awake I slept all day missed my ups shipment oh boy I couldn't hear the phone ring unless its beside my head when I'm sleeping nothing wakes me up, the phone is in the living room that the buildings buzzer is on so I can't here the dam thing if I miss my parcel today I'm screwed so I have to make sure I get this time!

Ok guys please tell all your bottom buddy's that when they are at the baths to clean out there buts please! Thank You IN a city that is supposed to be bottom central I would hope it was just a bad night for me and I picked the wrong guys SO is it just that I was there on a bad night or is there some kind of problem here! I don't know irritated in Toronto!

one last thing its now over 25 000 that have hit this site! Wow many don''t stay and look around that's ok but to everyone that does and comes back, thanks!


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