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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Well I had a very insightful post full of my bitterness towards winter a bit about me and then some more about me but it was lost so this is it for today! I'm tired and got me self a cold not impressed with the who ever irresponsible mother fucker who decided what ever they had to do was so important that they had to go out and give others there sickness how shameful!

I am so fucking unlucky!, I am horribly absolutely disgusted to have run into them and get what ever this is! Thank you to whom ever it was for being so stupid and greedy to go out and spread your nasty sickness to me screw you and who ever got this thing first! Wash you hands people and stop going out when your sic and giving it to people like me who are not easily able to fight A cold off! Thank You very much! Blah fuck dam it screw them all today! Ok I'm done sorry about that!

other than this I'm very happy and very busy I hope to be here some times but not as often as I was the past few months!

Hugs and big kisses to all!

A special hi to Jer in Montreal note the unconventional paragraph breaks there for you!


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