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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well another weekend here and I'm off to do my thing! Its all about promotions I tell you!

Its going to be crazy this year! I'm thinking I may only get here once a week or so! I'll try more but after this past few days I need all the rest I can get, the last three days in bed trying to get over last weekend with a cold and the cold outside it was harsh! Ya hoo its getting warm...I'm for sure going to go to Mexico next winter if I'm asked! I'm going for sure why turn down a job and the warm weather and a place to stay! If I'm healthy I'm not staying here and doing this cold again No way!

I'm out to get ready put on my war paint and hit the streets and clubs for a night of crazy! Its funny I see so many boys that have been up to it for a few years now wow they look old now! I'll be 32 this year I'm lucky my body didn't age like some do! Or will it happen very fast I hope not! Its out tomorrow to the salon to have my fave lesbian hair do girl die and cut! I';m going to go for the foe Mohawk that is of to the side with my head shaved on both sides and half my bangs cut off! IT looks cool sort a like the European boys you see in punk porn films Yummy! I think It will be red again to like fire engine red! Hey I like my crazy hair doos I grew up in a hair salon!

Ok I have to get ready for a night of full on craziness! I think I may hit a few after hours to to spread the word around about a sweet web site I'm promoting! Its all about the sex and boys at the end of the night You know IT! A friend of mine is hosting Junior Vasquez tonight at an after hours Boa I should get in no problem! I love looking at all the hot boys and the music is cool to dance to when your not hi and or drunk you just jump in and start rubbing all the hot boyz! Hmmm Nummy!


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