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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ok one day I'm feeling good the next pain what is going on here! I am so at times frustrated Why did I deserve to get my organs fucked up! Hmm abuse your body pay the price I keep telling my young gay friends this keep it up you will pay! If I could I would do it over again where is the line you cross when its just to late? If I could figure this out then hey why? Fuck is it going to be this convoluted my entire life?

I think, ahead one step but my body just fights me. I'm pissed tonight out in the cold as yet another day goes by and I'm feeling worn out?

Its not about the money anymore I have what I need I live I eat I get by! Its more than that I just hope I figure out the equation before its to late!

Ok one reason why I'm upset is I still have this dam cold and I just noticed that one of the wounds from my operations now is herniated Yah Hoo and the pain all be it is less is still there One day more than the other! I was hoping it was going away I feel now that its certain the operation was not successful! Now I have another hernia and a few more scars on my stomach! Yuk!


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