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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Now If hundreds of thousands of American are moving here or are thinking of it I say come one come all! But this is to funny! IF this ever happens not that it would but it should say United Provinces/States Of Canada, I think how could such two radically different ways to run your government ever join! I guess it would be one way or the Other! Seen as they would be joining us it should be Provinces No! I think So!

If you are thinking about Immigrating up here you will need to pass this test I did it and am ashamed to say I wouldn't be let in But I'm here so who cares but really its hard I bet many Canadians wouldn't pass with out studying!

Here are some tips you will need for the first few days here! Hey but don't worry all you Yanks its very much similar here! We got lots a fast food joints thanks to you all! We tend not to be as fat up here but that's all changing fast so hey come join us and get married just don't bring your guns with you! We don't take to kindly to the guns up here! Don't forget your warm stuff! If you don't like the cold move to Vancouver, but don't look for a big gay party town if you want that come to Toronto or Montreal!
If going to Montreal don't worry about the French thing! You will need to learn some French but most speak English and I found when I was there everyone was very friendly! Look I've done all the work for you or at least a good start! Now there is no excuse if your thinking about moving to Toronto give me a shout I'll show you around town!

And finally an American I would say who understands us to much! We are always ready to make fun we know we have it good up here!

For a rather funny point of View I offer you this link! Its not to far off and is a good site!

We are among you down there! Hmmm I didn't know half them are Canadian!

Ok it goes on and on but here is where I found several of the link in this post a well made article and funny at that! Read it please its good! If your from the USA its a good article to read to get to know us its for you by you all! I love this stuff!


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