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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm Not In The Money! 

OK I'm over the cold I think or am I still on the meds side effects I tell you the night day cold pills can throw you for a loop!

Well I'm planning a trip this summer to NYC in July, I love the city who wouldn't? Not sure how I will afford it but I'll figure it out! This will be the first vacation I've been on that I will have planned out in over 10 years that I would be on my own the trip to LA was all planned and paid for by Viacom and the trip to NYC last year was all planned out and not what I would have done if I was in charge...

I want to see the sights the things I grew up seeing on TV.. I'm thinking about staying for 5 days and seeing all the sights! I really can't afford it but hey I'll starve myself if I have to I need to get away and see the world while I'm still healthy and able to! Hey anyone that I know there want to host me or hook up while I'm there please let me know I'm clean and cute at that!

Some one reminded me the other day that the most important thing you need to do is see the world, I just wish it was that easy! I need to start buying lottery tickets or maybe go to the casino and try my luck a friend of mine was there a few months ago at one of the local Toronto ones and won 1700 with only 20 you can't go wrong there! But I know its not that easy, I wish I could have been born into money wouldn't that be fab!

Any one out here want to help me let me know I could use it!, things can be very frustrating at times!

Ok I need to get my ass in the shower and clean out my belly button its still infected from the operations dam thing I thought it looked good and all of a sudden it started to leek puss and blood I hope it doesn't get worse Its fucidin cream and more pills in hopes it gets better soon! Not good for the love life or lac there of to have and infected belly I tell you!


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