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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm mp3 portable 

I love it I got it I'm happy! I spent over 500 on Tuesday! It felt good...I get a hi from shopping that is joy!

The Ipod shuffle is fab 1 gig is more than enough...the fact there is no screen is not that big a deal I just push the little button, plus I can remember after a few plays the order of the songs also they can be placed in a certain order...

I've spent the past 3 hours loading it! I wasn't to happy with the autofill only because there are several 100 songs in my playlist I don't care enough for to listen on the move to!

I also got my self a fab lined black leather summer jacket with red stitching and a red lining! Love it!

It goes well with my fo mohawk with red highlights I spent 100 bucks on my most expensive hair do ever! It looks freaking good and I do say so!

Ouch I spent the later part of my shopping day at the baths Steamworks! I actually took a guy home not after trying a double penetration for the first time it was harder than I thought after the third time with as many guys we decided to or I decided to keep the guy to myself and take him home for a hot night of sex or should I say day! IT was a full on 8 hour sex fest! I'm sore every where on my body places I've been neglecting for far to long! The guy freaked me out when he started talking about boyfriends and I got cold! There is a fine line for me when it comes to a night of sex and a boyfriend! I mean what is good for a night of sex is not necessarily good boyfriend material!

Ok Im outz

after a good sleep I need to go clean this guy of me ouch did I say that!

I have to learn not to give my real phone # out I told the guy I'm a day sleeper did he get it No! Next!


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