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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hmmm What do we think of corporate welfare!

I just learned thanks to the news that my province and my federal government just gave GM something like 435 000 000 million dollars Now why can't they do something like that for affordable housing! Hmmm

This is a US multi billion dollar corporation! Maybe the fact that we are now producing more cars than the state of Michigan is this international competition! I guess a 2.5 billion project will produce lots of jobs but what of the environment do we really need more car factory's! I wonder when money will stop being the thing
that runs our society and the health of the planet is the concern! I know living in Canada that we are on track with this and slowly moving away from polluting the world! But when you have a neighbor who wont help it seams pointless at times You think lead by example but when they look up here and think we are all A bunch of deviant who are screwing everything that walks with a joint in one hand and a gay partner wedding ring on the other! I don't know it all sounds fine to me but I'm not leading the USA...WE can only hope that the youth who are coming up the young worldly educated citizens of the whorld who are growing up online who see the world in a more open and larger reality than just there country! Its wonderful to think that the youth who are growing up have access to so much information that one day they will be running things! I see it already the change in popular culture, the young guys on TV the ones with tattoos and piercings! You wait mark my word its already happening there is going to be a new renaissance in the world a World as one and not divided! We just have to wait till the old school leader die of and are replaced bye what reality is! Its a good thought and something to hope for!


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