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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gray be gone!

A Few friends are like your gray! One friend who was at the hospital to visit me said oh my look at that gray! Ok I have lots of gray hair, even a gray nose hair or two plus my chin is going more and more gray! It was funny it started with two gray whiskers then slowly very slowly its two big patches now one! My head is gray all around the sides and slowly at the top! I'm not yet salt and peeper as they say but its close out side in the sun it look's almost...So I'm not bleaching it this time or fire engine red, I'm going black! There is something I find very sexy about a guy with fair skin and black hair So I'm going there! Ah I wish I could put up a picture here but Ummm No its bad enough several people I know read this Well not really but I should maintain some anonymity! After some of the horror stories I've read about other bloggers I think its only prudent to be some what anonymous!


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