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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blow My Mind! 

Ok I'm no longer gray! I have had the dye for weeks and have finally got over my laziness to do it! Black Oh my good what a shock from red to black it looks so weird to have a normal hair colour!

Ok I'm getting old Feel old! I'm alive I'm thankful much impart to myself for stopping to hurt my self! I wonder if I didn't get HIV and then my pancreas issues would I be alive now? A friend of mine now ex I may add after helping him all last summer with work has succumb to drugs and is now on the verge of homelessness..

I'm upset I warned him to slow down I stopped the cash flow in order to help but it was to no avail! He being poz telling me he is full of lesions Like I should feel sorry for him! I feel sad that I couldn't get in to his head he is 10 plus older than me to! I will see him in the Hospital I hope when he gets there if he lives he will go to rehab! I see myself in him in the future if I hadn't smartened up! Sad boys if your poz take care of your selves what dp we have to do to show you the way if you play hard your going to end hard!

I saw a site that is all about some guy who talks about his life on Meth I tell you people stay far away its bad stuff If you are the kind of guy/gal who can say to them selves I only use once a month or so your still at risk of addiction! Its so powerful and it kills I see several of the party boys from last year they come out now very infrequently because now they look like hell it robs you of your youth and kills your organs your teeth its poison! Trust me I know I know very well! If you must party do some coke or an E but don't mix it with booze! Oh ya and if you must do G stay away from booze like its poison trust me I was a big fan at one time overdosed and woke up in Hospital after my heart stopped three times I was naked and alone and in sorry shape it took me hours to remember who I was IT was one of the worst times of my life! now six plus years in my past thank you very much who ever cared for me at that after hours or I would have been dead long ago!

Ok now I'm outz

Party responsibly and don't listen to the ones who would tell you its ok to party every weekend its not its not a life its something else I'm sure you can figure out what I am saying! hint a cry for help! someone who needs to find them selves don't wait till you hurt your self to the point there is no return!


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