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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Being the social butterfly that I am and being good at it why not get paid to tell everyone where to go online to find sex and where to go out to have fun or where to be! Make sense? Promoter Hope that answers you questions! Who would want that job not me! I have to be some what private and protect my interests! Don't I....Dumm D dumm dum Dum!

that's me I'm allays careful not to put my hands in dirty bad places! Not only did I get a bunch of silly dirty bottom boys the other Night a shay Steam Works I seem to have got my self a cold a head runny nose kind! Dam it fuck I hate winter I do I really really Do Go away If I could make the earth move a bit faster around the sun Hey I would! Good for global warming I say burn up every thing lets heat this place up a bit! Why not I have air conditioning! Out nights doing my thing who cares!

Well Not but when its been cold and wet and muddy and dirty and salty Oh its going to be a super duper good day when its not freezing out there! I spend my nights out side doing my thing telling every one where to be And its cold really freezing! The stupid dum ass fag I am Did I ware sensible shoes last night? No

NO nope nada not me ! So I have to learn ware warm shoes when out side in the snow You think I would know better growing up in the mountains in British Columbia where its cold and there are mountains of snow every where! Now thinking back even then I would ware sneakers Oh some times you just never learn your lesson! Life is funny that way!


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