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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle 

Ok I'm buying this I'm doing it and I'm going to love it! watch out you boys on church for me strutting my stuff down the street singing my songs! I can't wait I'm going to be tonight surely dreaming of IPods! And thanks to my sweet new promo gig I'll have it paid for in a flash or the mula replaced asap...No starving for my music! I've been thinking long and hard about this kind of purchase I bought a cdmp3 player and had nothing but trouble with it couldn't burn a dam cd so I took it back! I figure I spend about 200 plus a month on cabs and nothing really I need so I'll cut that out as well!

I was going to buy a creative 20gig but I don't know it seems like to many songs from what I see from the reviews I've read you can fit 200+ on it seen as I tend to listen to long remixes I'm thinking evan if its 100+ songs it'll do for a night out on the strip doing my thang!

Ok Its of to bed and dreams of my day with my tunes on my side again! Nummm I'm pumped about this thing!

any comments on this would be apreciated

I'm outz!


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