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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ya brunch today! And Bittorrent while I'm out downing some fab mega huge files with 100 plus songs in each one! Earth 2 the entire series, some gay flicks why not! Burnt Money sounds cool! All that and Aldos 2 for 1 shoe sale! So I'm an hour late getting ready Umm going to have to call a friend and say ooops I'm running late sorry Hey not unusual for me! I should be getting ready and I'm here blogging looking at slut Ummm I mean gay personals web sites email and downloading plus listening to tunes at the same time! Talk about multi tasking! Ok I should get ready but I'm in a Music state a mind! I'm listening to entire years of the Billboard top 100 I love it! Not a big fan of last years to much rap no thanks! Hey we all can't like the same thing! Ok a few more songs and I'm outs loving Man I used to Be By K-OS its a bit a rap but the kind I like old school style! Hey I was there in the beginning owned some of the first Hi Hop/rap records! Beastie Boy you name it! I may be 31 but I was into music from a young age was into the Doors everything even oh I dare say some country a bit!

Ok gota get ready My friend is going to be mad Ok Music, I just want to get back to me The man I USED TO BE! Some how this song is fitting what I've been going through as of late is kind of a healing process to get back TO THE MAN I USED TO BE! SORRY I SEEM TO ALWAYS HIT THE CAPS KEY ITS REALLY ANNOYING! I'm not trying to yell!

I'm outz



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