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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Waking up now is no longer a big ordeal anymore! No pain or at least not like before, I'm not having to down several pain pills and wait A half hour to get going! Taking it slow letting my body heal, my days are revolving around my daily visit from my home nurse, changing the dressing on my wounds, I'm happy to say the one where I had the hernia repair is healing ok, there was a bit of discharge from it for a day and now its closed up! The nurse tried to open it up and then pack it but it wouldn't open, I'm glad to say it is healing good! I went out today and treated myself to a good coffee and some sweet and sour pork at my fave place Not Just Noodles!

I'm looking forward to the spring and some new things in my life, after putting of the operations for a year I'm happy I did it! I feel good and my energy is there again! The only thing now is to get of the pain meds, Something I'm sure I can do now that the pain is not there anymore! I'm already taking less, My Doc is experienced in opiate addiction so with his help I'm already one up on that!

So now I'm going to start to rebuild some of my friendships I've been very tardy at! You know how when you just don't feel good you don't want to be around anyone! I'm excited to get out there and start having a life again! I was the kind A guy who was out every day visiting and doing things with friends, The typical gay urban city boy! Well I'm back so any friends of mine who read this be warned I'm coming A calling soon so get out the good China I'm coming over for that dinner I was invited to so many times! I'd say I have a few dozen visits well over due! I'm so excited to actually feel good again! And with a sober head its a really good thing! I'm happy!


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