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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sheets are stolen from laundry room!

Please note its now been several hours from the time this has happened, I'm thinking to myself was I dreaming am I going crazy! Yes this actually happened today I can't believe it! You know when something crazy happens to you and you have to sit down and think did that happen am I having hallucinations or what! My roommate was not impressed either and she has lived in this building for years! Don't get me wrong after reading this please know I love old people just not ones like the one in this post!

So I have been going through lots of my sheets as of late! I've been covering the Chester field with my nice white sheets when the nurse comes so I can lie down in my living room and let her do her thing, seen as she is cleaning the wounds with water it can get a bit messy! I have laundry in my apartment! My room mate has the machines she bought her self! The kind you hook up the the kitchen sink and so on! But you can only wash a few sheets at a time and my big fluffy duvet is way to big! So once a month or so I wash all my big items in the building laundry room! I go down to check on my stuff, for one thing I can't stand washing my stuff in public machines! SO I ONLY DO WHITES AND I USE LOTS A BLEACH! Oh man I get down there and someone has put there nasty underwear a few socks and one nasty nasty worn out sheet that must of been 30 years old you like the ones your grandmother had you could see through! Any way I freeked out took the clothes out than looked in to see if mine where all there! The fucked thing I don't know how many sheets I own....So I have to get back to my apartment the nurse is here any minute to look at my stomach and change the dressing! I'm loony now thinking about why someone would have put there stuff in with mine! And added more quarters because there was more time than I had put still on the dryer clock! Any way I get down there after the nurse leaves and all my sheets are gone! Fuck I'm freaking they are nice sheets several hundred dollars worth! I ask a lady who is in there if she saw who took the stuff thank goodness she did It was this little short fat gray haired old lady! An other guy happens to come into the laundry room I'm irate I describe the women! He say oh ya that's so and so on the eleventh floor...Is she crazy or what I ask...He says I wouldn't say crazy lets just say a bit challenged! Man I storm up the the eleventh floor knock on the door she opens it up I say where is my sheets! I see the clothes that where in the dryer with mine that I threw out of the machine an the back of a chair! She plays dummy I'm yelling I know its you I saw those clothes there the same ones You put in with mine I chucked out! The husband I'm thinking get up I see into there bedroom from the door some of my sheets on the bed all folded like she was getting ready to make her bed with them! I'm like I want my stuff now! Sure enough she starts to go into her dresser out come my sheets the husband out of the bedroom with more of my sheets! Fuck I'm pissed right of right now I don't know if I should call the cops or report her to the super or what How many other times has she stolen peoples stuff I'm thinking! I'm sitting here typing this entry and then I realize she has my god dam Ikea shopping bag the one she used to steal my sheets with! About half way through this post I ran up to her floor knocked on the door and said where is my bag! Fuckin bloody sitting on there sofa! Oh man I'm really really mad now! I'm not sure if I should tell my room mate! I guess I will! The thing is I'm on a very limited income and there would have been no way I could have replaced all the sheets it took me several years to buy the collection to begin with! OH man If they where not old and there apartment didn't look so empty and bare I would have called the cops and the super and the city seen as I live in a city owned subsidized building! Metro housing or something its called! Not all the apartments are low income they are geared to your income you pay a certain percentage of you monthly income 10% or something like that! Anyway I told her you got any more of my sheets hold on she says one more! Oh I could have grabbed her and slapped her! She just stood there and shook her head! So I go back up there and get my ikea bag and tell
the husband or who ever he is to give a good talking to her and there lucky I don't call the cops I had witnesses so she would have been charged! I;m sure they are dirt poor seniors from the look of her sheet she put in my dryer they haven't bought new ones in 30 plus years! My problem no sad yes that they didn't plan for there later years! Then again she looked a bit crazy and you get all types in city housing! Oh boy I don't think I've been this pissed in a long time! The thing is I'm not sure if I got all my stuff back or not because I really don't know how many sheets where in there! Next time I'm staying in there with my stuff and a news paper! Screw the old fuckin g laundry stealing bitch who said to me when I told her I should call the cops go ahead I don't care! My blood is boiling right now! How dare she there is a good will down there street! I have a mind to go door to door and ask everyone in the building if there laundry has gone missing and then we all go bang on her door and see if she has stolen others stuff some how I don't think I was the first victim! Fucking bitch piss me of ruin my day! Oh man the ting is she is a little old gray haired lady that could be your grandmother! To bad she sole and she dam well new that she did! Old or not there is no excuse to steel my sheets!

Ok I'm calmed down but really would it have made it not so bad if they where not seniors and probably so dirt poor they have to eat cat food to survive really its not my problem I have my own community issues to deal with...It kinda rubbed me the wrong way that it was a little old lady! I could tell she was very aware that she did wrong no matter if she is a bit nuts or not! Bitch Ok I'm done until I see her next time! Fuck

post note!

So its been a few hours since sheet gate! I'm calmed down enough to be able to look through my laundry and try and remember what all was in the dryer that crazy bitch stole! E gad My duvet cover is gone and now I'm realizing a few more fitted sheets are gone to! So all mad and reved up again I go storming up to her apartment for the third time! Husband opens the door invites me in! I'm like ok where is my duvet cover Hmmm what's that Ummm nope its not here! Al calm like its normal to have a strange go from room to room looking everywhere for my things! The wife is in the kitchen yelling get the fuck out get out, its not here! Ok Now I'm pissed again I think I'll check the laundry room one more time! Not that it was there before! Hmm to my surprise the final third of my laundry is on top of a dryer on the other side of the laundry room! The guy that clued me into who took it in the first place was there Dunn founded as I was to why! I just can't help but feel sorry for her and her husband he was very embarrassed I could tell! He apologized and maintained his dignity as best as one can in such a situation! I feel bad but she did take my sheets enough for her to keep them in clean linen's for months! So some how my stuff reappeared in the laundry room I'm thinking he found the rest after I stormed out the second time and made her bring it back to the laundry room or he did! Oh boy I now feel very bad for yelling at them I think she is a bit slow but C'mon she took all my things a big blue Ikea shopping bag filled a foot over the top of the bag not an easy thing for an old lady to drag from the main floor to the eleventh floor! I talked to my room mate we decided to let it go and go and warn her if we here any other people talk about missing stuff she is getting reported! I couldn't let her get them evicted the poor husband or who ever he was truly was sorry for what she did and did let me in there home three times the last to verify if there was anything left or not! He could have just covered up for her and told me to get lost! I can't help thinking if they where caught with there pants down and didn't think they would ever get busted! I don't know I was lucky all the people who where around helped mi figure it out with in minutes I had my stuff back..Something that doesn't happen very much when you are robbed!

So Next duvet and sheet day I'm a sitten in there on guard!

the insanity of it really!


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