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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ok I'm sure I'm not the first person to go to the tanning salon before an operation! I must have perfect looking skin, who knows who will be looking at me when I'm under! Hmmm nasty thoughts going through my head! Just sitting around a lot the last few days sleeping for hours! Trying to rest up and stay healthy before the operation! I'm going out only when I have to, to avoid getting a cold or such that would postpone the big day!

Any way to loose 10 pounds fast! I've been eating lots of hi carbs and fatty food the last few months I'm getting fat 140 never been then fat ever! Oh I'm over it I have other things on my mind and it can come of easy as I put it on by not stuffing my face! I'm lucky that way I can eat what I want and never get to fat! Although it seems the older I get the more the fat seems to accumulate faster!

Oh boy getting older how fun! Good thing I look like I'm still in my early 20's! I know I know What can I say!

Of to the tanning booths and to look into a will! I find myself thinking I need one! There is a hiv/aids legal clinic here in the Village on Church, I was told they would help me so I'm going there as well...It freaks me out to think about death but when you are getting an operation that you could die from you have things that need to be done a will one of them!

I'm feeling good lonely but good! I am doing ok just wanting this to be all over with, I'm very much looking forward to the summer!

I'm outz to the fake and bake and to get my self a will!


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