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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh Boy!

Now if I had the sponge baths done by a sexy guy now that would have topped of a long stay now wouldn't it! Little old lady just didn't do it for me! I didn't cloose my eyes and imaging a bug stud nurse dare I get an erection I am sure them young nurses where trying to get a few peeks in, Well I wasn't going to stop them if they wanted to see my big dic all the power, its for the boys only so a few peeks by the ladies can't hurt!

OK I'm home a week later, lots to talk about later! Operation was a big success! I didn't figure out I was still alive and made it for several hours after they got my pain meds up to the dose I could handle! It seems if you tell them you have been on 200+mg of morphine a day they don't understand that I'm immune to the stuff Unless they give me three times what any other guy would get! So after several hours of extreme pain and I mean freaking bad I stopped to think and realized I made it, I fucking got yet another chance at life so here we go the next step and its a big one now followed by several little steps to good things no more wrong roads this boy is tired of the pain and I deserve it all!

More to come on my hospital adventures!

Big hugs back to everyone who wished me well I felt yah all there in spirit! A part of me was very eager to get back and share with you all!

Ok I'm hurting, my belly button wound got infected! Do you know what packing a wound is! Oh my good its the worst 6'4 stud university doc digging his finger in side the wound to open it up! Oh big hand BIG PAIN, I told him I like big hands but not in this situation poor guy blushed I was all talk about how the big stud shoved his finger in me, he turned all red when all the other doc students where in the room looking at me! I winked at him it was all good! If you have an infected operation incision get the smallest doc to shove there fingers in to open it up! IT hurts more than the operation! And then there in the several feet of packing

I'm hurting thinking about this literally!

Ok of to try and have a bowl movement its been one go in a weeks not good, my bowl movements or lack of them was the hot topic around the water cooler! Haven't talked about by but and shit with so many people ever it was fun in a freaky way, did you go yet no! I want to it hurts mother fuck I need to poop!

Ok I'm going

Big hugz!


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