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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer

Something I found when looking for info on my pancreas and gall bladder operations!

Oh boy the wound where I had the hernia repair just opened up and started to leak nasty stuff! I tried to clean it out with some sterile water by flushing the wound
out with a syringe! I don't know I'm a bit worried because the entire repair was my idea now I have an extra infection that wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for my vanity! I was not to happy with this big bump on my stomach! SO I only hope that it heals ok and I'm not left with something worse than I had before! It was nasty I'm sitting in my living room chitin up my roomy, I felt this cold sensation on my stomach! I sorta thought I have felt that before, I did after all have a drain there for months a few years back so I was used to at one time feeling things coming out a my stomach! My point I didn't have to look to know what was going on I dressed the nasty thing up and will ask my home nurse to help when she gets here tomorrow afternoon!

Yuk I have two big holes in my stomach now one with a foot of packing in it! I'm going to start taking some antibiotics! I have them left over from before but I don't see the problem with being carefully In my opinion I would have possibly avoided the infections if they put me on antibiotics like I had asked days ago! I know my body and that I almost always get infections when I have big cuts!! Any who what do I know there the docs right I wonder sometimes!

So neat link I put up there There actually cut a guy milimeter by milimeter in half and the put him back together to get the full body image you can look in To anypart of the body! I looked at the dick on the guy it is odd looking at a guy all cut into bits!

Ok lets see what google adds come up after this post!

SO resting lots of sleep and haveing to bathe more often can't be all smelly for the home nurse! God I remember the day I would shower two times a day even if I wasn't going out a the house! Strange how you change! Yuck yuk and more yuk I'm burping up some foul smelling gas the last few days ! I'm thinking its the fluid draining out my pancreas into my stomach I'm smelling and tasting! Yuk When I had the drain last time you could see the nasty black fluid coming out in to the bag! Hey do I care that its draining now into my body and I can taste it! Well hek ya Its freaking me out! I can only wait till the cyst drains more and starts to dry out! IT took a few weeks with the bag so I'm thinking the same for this way! The thought of a cyst draining putrid crap in my stomach and I'm tasting it every time I burp is very upsetting but what choice did I have I'm now pain free other than the wounds that will heal in time! OH boy I'm having a hard time with this wondering if I did the write thing! I guess I will see!

Ok I'm of to bed more rest!



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