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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Now I never said I don't want them to Visit Canada Hey why not all move here the ones who want to get out a there! I couldn't imagine leaving my country but at the same time I've never been put in the situation that I wanted to leave except the one time I lived in Calgary Alberta...I tell you I wanted out after only a few months! Its the closest we have to USA RED and its sad I felt the conservative in the air there my first pay check form a job I had at the Airport was my ticket back to Vancouver British Columbia! Don't think I would go back to live there Visit Yes...I couldn't imagine living in the parts of the USA that are doing all this! Please come here to Canada move here get married I don't want anyone to think I am an American basher in any way like I said! I have several friends there I just don't like the bad politics and the bad ones getting there nose in our business that's all! The more the better we are a country built on immigrants and if that means people from, the USA than good I'm happy to have them! After all the USA was built on very similar grounds I couldn't imagine how it must feel to want to leave a country that you have loved for all these years and now are faced with the fact you are not welcome and such! Just because your gay! Now I'm very aware that in the BIG cities in the In the USA things are good but I'm scared for them when is it that they take over there to! And how long till the bad guys down there win there fight to take over here! We are not with out people like the one who are winning down there and I'm afraid they may win some ground with the help of the Americans so its not in stone here! And I know that we will do what we must to protect what we have won! Its just dis heartening to me that there are people out there who hate and from other countries trying to influence and affect my life! Its troublesome on the heart!

You know its funny how most of the states that are blue are near the north and south from Washington state! The places where It would seem most of the big cities the ones that are dominant in American culture at least the TV version I see every day, and I love hey I couldn't imagine a day with out my Enterprise Stargate and stargate Atlantis I may add that is filmed in Vancouver! Love American pop culture its so similar to mine its intertwined in so many ways! Its just the dum dum asses have got control down there and If Bill Clinton wasn't such a BOOB getting all the bad press from letting his dick control him among other things I bet he would still be there! Now or the party at least! I really think when the war is over and all that stuff the conservatives will be out a there! I don't know Hey I'm done with this stuff it really gets me going ON a final note I think I made it clear its not the place the country per say I dis like at this moments its some of the people there!


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