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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Now I don't try and say I know all and that I'm up on all current events but I do take the time to sit back and see all sides before I make any kind of public
statements! I allays say I know some things not all this is my opinion, I learned how to think critically in University, Something I think everyone should learn to do! You are not born with the ability you are educated in the ability! I kind of think those of us who can think critically although not flawless in anyway tend to be some what more enlightened and well smarter to a degree! You can tell some one something or educate them till your blue in the face! If you have a position on something speak your mind! But when it comes to gay issues and the (Sorry USA readers) Stay the hell out a are business its bad enough what you all have let happen to your government and country keep you bloody politics to your selves! I know I know many down there are feeling railed into a side or a group, its with or against! I for one am not a USA Basher there are many things in my life I thank USA people for! I'm grateful to have such a powerful Country beside me and I honor my American Brothers and sisters! We truly have much in common! But the way we do things and our attitudes tend to be different! You know the friendly Canadian! The thing is I'm very pissed of that USA groups are funding lobby groups in Canada to oppose our government in the same sex marriage movement! Our courts have made it legal it is the law of the land! Now I'm sure the ones doing this would not like it if we started paying to oppose there laws and try and change and influence there politics! I think we should start a gay movement in the USA and send gay marriage ambassadors hey why not married couples down there to protest! Hmmm Well not but its funny not I have several friends who are married and more who are every day! I'm so upset with the the USA ones who are doing this worry about your own country and stay the hell out a mine! I love the USA but I don't like them right now or the ones who are doing this! I suggest anyone down there to tell your fellow citizens to worry about there own sorry state of affairs! Is it that the Gay man in the USA has become complacent fooled by the fact that they can see gay TV, I think its a conspiracy to lull the USA gay man into complacency mean while there government has been closing doors for them secretly while no one was looking and then when it came time to act up it was to late! Now there trying to impose there will on my country! No I don't think so! Please understand I know its not the majority of the people who read my blog who I'm talking about and I know my American USA buddy's, friends are just as upset as I am! We need you all to get your act together before the same happens up here! The USA is a great force and its influence is strong! We Canadians will prevail and show you all its not the end of the world if a man marries a man! Or a women marries a Women! Is it so wrong for some one who loves there partner to be able to be there and have rights in the eyes of the law and state! IS it wrong that two friends of mine got married in part to have legal power over the other in case one should get sic! No It's beautiful that they love each other and care! We should be celebrating the love not fighting it! Now you bad USA people get out a my back Yard and keep your backwards thinking to your selves and don't forget your bible on your way home! Thank you very much! And you all down there please start fighting for your rights do something call your senator or what ever it is you do! Join your local gay activist group you got 4 years to build the moment up to stop the damage I pray its not to late and you all start the fight....Love is good fighting is bad, Call it marriage call it what ever you want It is something that deserves respect and should be left for the ones wanting to do it or not! Ok now bellow is from a fab web site called

Gay Guide Toronto

A great site they where one of my sponsors for the Buckleroos event last Oct I might ad that raised over a 1000 for The People with Aids Foundation here in Toronto Eh Um!

"hen Dubya recently told The New York Times that studies show ?the ideal is where a child is raised in a married family with a man and a woman,? the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association wasted no time in holding a press conference to publicly correct the bluffing Bush, noting that not only was there no legit proof, but that the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians cite sufficient evidence in medical literature to endorse same-sex parenting.
The state of Virginia has the nation?s most anti-gay laws, and it would like more, faggot. Making its way through Richmond is a resolution that begins a process where the constitution of Virginia would outlaw any recognition of gay relationships.

Such mindsets are helping propel the anti-same-sex marriage movement here in Canada. The U.S. headquarters of the Knights of Columbus, for instance, has covered the cost ($65,000) for a postcard campaign in which opponents of same-sex marriage can send their messages to members of Parliament, with a Knights spokesman saying his organization will do ?whatever it takes? to defeat the Canadian measure. Then there's Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, who recently transmitted a paid radio show to 130 Canadian radio stations in which he told Canadians to be ?encouraged? by efforts in the U.S. to ban same-sex couples from marrying.

U.S. anti-gay groups are highly organized, cash rich and are financing their Canadian counter-parts, hence all those full page newspaper and magazine ads and the overwhelming anti-same-sex marriage emails and postcards being received by our MPs, many of whom say they will vote based on what their constituents are telling them. If you and everyone you know hasn?t counteracted this by emailing their MP to support same-sex marriage, do it now through www.equal-marriage.ca"

Now you see why I got all worked Up!
Hugz to my USA friends, you all should start getting out of the big cities where its all good and vacationing in the south go to the small towns where they hate you and show them we are not evil bad people! C'mon if it was not for us gays and especially my LA gay friends I would not have half the favorite TV shows I like Get it together stop the hate!


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