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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Man I can be a whiney bitch! Oh I just after a year of trying got to almost finish watching A Soldiers Girl! A movie that was filmed here in Toronto the Gay Mecca of film/TV it seems every drag queen tranny I know was in it including me you can find me twice in it in the club scenes! Its funny to see my self on TV in a Movie I look hot One scene in the beginning of the film you see me standing in the bar the main actors are coming in I'm there with bleached hair holding a brandy snifter glass of sorts! They walk behind me just as they are entering the club and walk around the the stage right! The club was called IT, was there more in the film than I was ever
there as a gay boy! I was not into the bar at that time At least this kind it was a E bar among other things that is now torn down! It was a good party I here and was packed I would have loved it Im sure 7 years ago when I was a dance club E bunny! Any Hoo

The second time you find me is in a third club scene?Me thinks as there walking in the bar you see me standing in the stair well with my hair now red as red can be! All spiked!

After seeing the film it makes my previous post seem boring I admit my life isn't that bad I could make it easier but hec why do that it would be boring then and I could never do boring! I love the film I could never relate to not wanting to be a boy the feeling of being trapped in a body that you don't want or feel is not yours would be horrible and then to have to try and get the operations/sex change It would be a hard thing that makes my problems seem not that bad! I know its not a bad thing to be a tranny! I have a few friends who are infact I had an acquaintance in Vancouver at a Club I used to work at there that I had known as a guy I didn't know for a few years that he was a she! Its all good the emotion is strong and I sympathies it would be hard! Not wrong to be your self the road would be hard I don't think I would want to travel it but if I ever meet someone who needed me to be there I will support them with what ever they want! I love indiscriminately!

I'm crying like a big baby now I love this film I'm honored to be in it. It has a strong message in it! If you haven't seen it and you can't find it anywhere in your local city like I couldn't its only available on line if you have A credit card that I don't so download it the other way via bittorrent! Any savy computer geek will know how to and where to find it! Hec I should post the link I'll find it later I have to go and smoke a cigy! Yes I smoke! Hey did you think I could lead a life like I have and not be a smoker! C'mon I'm trailer trash when I wana be Not! Its just about a dyeing habit a pack last we more than a week! Hey a man can only give up so many vices at a time give me a break! Not! I should delete this last few bits now you all are going to know to much about me! Joke get it!


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