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Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm rich! Well not! If I lived of what I may get in a few years from this place I would be homeless! You know the big black box up there! Yah its to funny I didn't think it would amount to much! But why not I say! Confused look up the page you can figure it out I'm sure some one commented on them one time the funny links that came up! I'm not supposed to talk about it or encourage anyone to go there! So I wouldn't do that! Its funny to think people make a living of doing this stuff! Telling people about there opinions on life! I should start! A column on gay mans issues! I would have to brush up on my English big time I know that so please don't tell me!

Speaking of my poor English and grammar skills as far as you all can see here its funny I was asked to interview a local gay punk band here for a big gay mag in LA who I happen to know the publisher of! He emailed me asked me if I could do it! I said yes I still plan on it I got everything I need the voice recorder and the band cd! Its funny I run into the singer from he band at my doctors office lots! Plus he bartends at a bar I go to sometimes plus he also goes to a queer alternative punk rock monthly party I like to go to that I've missed the last year or more!

So when I was asked to do the interview for the magazine that is available internationally! I said yes but my health got in the way! I'm feeling ok now but still not 100% I'm very worried that the pain is not gone my home nurse said today its not uncommon that operations don't work! Not something I wanted to here! We will see!

In the mean time my life goes on, I am going crazy house stir crazy! Cabin fever its called! I need to get out so I'm going on with life the wounds are healed up from the operation 70% or so!, so its time to get out and live again! Its funny after so much rest I find my self getting winded fast tired easy. I guess it takes time to heal! Longer because I'm poz I'm thinking! SO Me an international published author well in paper print form in a gay mag cool I'm, thinking! Yes if I try hard I can actually do this the way it should be done! I don't try here because like I said before this is just my thoughts unscripted and unedited So Its left that way! If I had to put this down in a professional manner it would look way different! I'm to busy with things to care about that if my point is made My thoughts down that's all I care about!

So its cold here the snow is not gone yet I find I'm very much wanting winter to end fast! Its going to be hot this summer! I just can't get used to having to ware a vest a jacket a scarf gloves two pairs of socks long underwear a hat ear muffs! two shirts underwear sometimes three shirts I know you all in the warm places must be shocked and that's not all I have to get ready every time I go out its just bothersome! One last thing I always seem to spell the same words wrong every time I post! You think after hundreds of posts I would know how to spell sure but no I have to spell check and its wrong every time!

Hey what about the hot Brazil boys Num sexy I jerked of four times today couldn't believe it! Hey that's about the total for the last two months so it was a busy night for me and the hand! Oh I need a man! I just noticed remember the blogger who commented on his blog about my use of the ! Mark well for some reason I'm back to doing it more and more! Oh there I go again, I'm thinking its a period displacement issue in my subconscious that keeps me from using the period I am scared to use it for a reason that baffles me I am going to get some therapy asap! I hope I don't pass this on to anyone I would hate for this to become an epidemic in the literary world! LOL but serious you didn't think I was did you? I know lame!


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