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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm nervous very nervous! Its taking everything I have to get myself to the hospital this morning!

I'm having my gull bladder out, an operation called cystgastrostomy and a hernia repair on my stomach!

They say I should only be in there for a day or so! I'm hoping Hospital can be very boring! The last time I was there I was in for a few weeks! A few friends are going to come see me tonight! I hope they don't get there to bad news! I couldn't imagine going to see a friend in Hospital to find out they didn't survive the operation! There are risks I could bleed to death among several other things! Oh boy

Its silly I'm thinking if I should shave my stomach or not! I don't know, I'm trimming my toe nails and giving myself an extra good scrub in the shower! Its a strange feeling to know I'll be passed out and people will be inside my body! I also read I will have a calfiter in my dick! Fun stuff! I hope they put it in after I'm out of it! I think I will not shave they didn't ask me to and I'm just not sure if it would be a problem! I haven't eaten since two am I was to stop at 12am but hadn't eaten all day! I'm hungry and thirsty and grumpy and upset and scared all at once! Plus I'm happy to get this done to! If it works I should be out of pain for the for seeable future! The doc didn't tell me about several side effect though! I've been reading up on them! Like for example, I could get bad diarrhea from the gull bladder removal! Hmm fun stuff!

Ok I need to get ready!

If you don't here from me within a few weeks it means I've not survived the operation! The risks are there going into it I don't even know If I'm willing to accepts them or not! I do have a choice, in ways I don't! I can only hope that it goes well and I'm back home in a few days to post on here at least an I made it I'm ok!

IF for some reason I don't come back to my blog it was fun! And please remember that the main reason I had to have this operation was from A LIFE OF DRINKING ALCOHOL! So please think about your future when someone asks you to learn from there mistakes its real! No one wants to have to go through what I am and if I could change in a second what I did I would!

I hope to be back in a few days!

Hugs to everyone and take care!


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