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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hey all!

Well it was a good friends of mines 35 birthday! I went out for the first time after the surgery! Went for dinner on the strip (church street) Wanted somewhere different rather than the norm Zeldas A local hip restaurant where everyone goes to be seen ect. Not for the food! Seen as I was not in the mood and the patio is closed the only reason I like going there we decided to go to a new place I went on my Birthday! Called the Church Mouse Firkin or something like that Old style pub lots of wood and red It was nice I only had a Pepsi would have preferred Coke but hey! My best bud who works for Fashion Television at Chum here in Toronto decided to go to Montreal for his Birthday! I'm like hey what about me! Then I started thinking I couldn't go I'm only post op 2 weeks..Plus they would be party party and its just not for me! After dinner I went out to a few clubs Boring Not into it any more so I went home at 12 was in Bed for one! So I'm looking forward to a busy summer! What do you all think about the Bel Ami Boys! or porn movies! I'm thinking about trying to bring them to Toronto? Would you all cum to meet them? Lucas for example! Nummm sexy boys!

I was going through all my old boxes of stuff and found my pics of when I flew to LA last year I still can't believe I won a trip to the World premier of the Matrix 3 was at the Walt Disney Concert hall!!! Hob knobed with all the stars at the pre and after party! Man was I depressed when we got back...To see how they live is out rages the party had every food you could want and more! Everything was top of the line! I'm thinking about two trips this year! LA and NYC again! I was at both last summer and really want to go again! I'm thinking about NYC this summer! My bud the one who I took to LA with me the above mentioned Birthday boy said he would go with me to NYC! Last time I was there for a week, was there with some dear friends drove there Great trip love the mountains the trees it was fall the leaves where every shade of red and yellow gorgeous country! I would fly this time! I was with some friends on Business.....We went to a bunch of clubs...I like that but this trip I want to do all the touristy things! You know see Lady Liberty Coney Island everything, Any one want to give me a tour! Would love to meet any one who it up for it!

Big news to come up! I landed my self a sweet promo deal! Plus I'm going to try and redo my Blog back to its last template! Take a look at my new links I added a few, I'm open to any links you can infact add your own link here by yourself just click on add your link!

I'm outz

Night Night hey long time since I said that! I must be back in fine shape!



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