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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Found this site from one of my crazy web trips!

Here kitty kitty

I think it was to cute and had to share!

Plus this one

What many Canadian think of Bush to funny!
Lucky for us all he has to stop its his last turn! I bet he would change that if he could! At least the system you have down there works in your favor and gets rid of him one way or an other its just to bad it couldn't have been done the by all the gay boys and girls voting his nasty but out there!

I found the cool flash bits at this site

So no call from the boy I met the other night! I hope he calls! I felt like we had a connection I will see! Not much else going on same old! I'm getting very nervous about the operation on Tuesday! I almost want to not go, the thought I may die is scaring me bad! Its sort of like when I started the hiv meds there was a warning that I could have a major reaction and die from the pill, I was freaked out! Took them and am ok the operation is a bit different my life is in the hands of several people who I hope all got a good night sleep and wash there hands very good you know the normal things people should do before they go into your body and start taking parts of you out and cutting here and there hey whats to worry about I'll be fine! I hope!

Ok just stop thinking about it and go to bed! You see that there in it self has been the problem for years I didn't think about it! Decided to be numb well not now its hard to face reality more and more as the days go by! I'm slowly getting used to life with a clear mind slowly!


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