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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ah the life of a gay man in Canada! Self pity to proceed for a bit! Now if I could only be HIV neg I would trade everything!

So not that being gay is hard enough! I'm out with a dear friend of mine who moved here from Vancouver a year ago, My coming out city one of the if not the most perfect cities in the world! Rated by the Un! And me tops!

Any way I'm out at the Black Eagle Toronto And a guy starts looking at me! Well one
of many but this one is actually cute and sexy! We give each other the look! I decide to give a I'm interested look! The very rare time I decide to let my guard down! There was something about him! He whips out a pen and paper! He is deaf! I'm already turned on by him! He is blond blue eyed! Around my size and in a black bicker leather style jacket! We talked for a few hours or we put to paper our thoughts! It was very not your typical night out! I really liked him! He said he would call I will see what happens! He is going to have to use a TTY device a system for deaf people to communicate over the phone! I'm very excited is it wrong to see a similarity or a hope of understanding in him He doesn't know I'm HIV! Would he be insulted that I felt a sense of comfort in talking to him the we share a disability! OR will he think of it that way! I hope he doesn't think I am only thinking about a possibility of him and I because he is deaf, I must admit though that I was comforting for me to share this! IS this wrong on my part? I will tell him of course I hope he is not scared away!


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