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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Wow I love my computer!

Curious what I've been up to other than freezing my ass among other parts here in the frozen north of America. Well through my fab hi speed cable connection to the rest of the world with my self souped up computer that I've managed to take a pIII and make it play video like the best of the computers I've been Downloading via my new but not new to me Bittorent client! Bittorent is not new to me I used it back when it first started like I do most computer trends but I got iratated with the lack or the uneasiness of finding the files? Well much to my happiness I've discovered programs like Bitlord! I recommend it and a great media player the best I've found in some time with no freaking nags or set evaluation times! So oh by the way the media player Elcard Mpeg player 2.0 its great it plays every single file format including ones like XSVCD fabulous files big but the pic quality if great well worth the file download length time not that its a long time if your are linked with cable. So entire seasons of my favorite programs can be downloaded in one file! Pardon me but how fucking cool is that! I remember the day when I first was online with my 14.4 modem you young guys would not imaging how slow the internet was! My link now is thousands of times faster than it was 12 years or so ago! Imagine it taking hours to download a program like IE!

So my point is I've been busy watching entire seasons of stargate sg-1, stargate Atlantis! And of course Enterprise! Hmmm? next its going to be Farscape! Some of the files I've been downing are recorded from tv channels commercial free I might add! Thank You who ever takes the time to make them available! Thank You very very much! Farscape looks so cool and from the previews that are on some of the files that obvious sci-fi buffs left on the recordings of the shows for all to see! It look out there I love it! The advancements in tv shows are out of this world! Now to spend my time sitting at my computer watching tv! May sound like a boring thing to do! well when your someone like me who has a drinking problem! I may add my drinking is way down less than once a week for the first time in years! By choice and because I'm in more and more pain every time I do go out to the bars and drink!

So back to my bittorent story! If you don't know what that is than do a google and start learning! Its worth it and if your any bit computer savvy you should be able to figure it out! You will need the Elcard media player so you can play some of the files if you have an older computer like me! I'm not sure if the newer ones with DVD players/burners come with similar players I'm sure they do!

Its great I get lost in other worlds, great stories and so on! And stay out of trouble! I thank all the major geeks out there who make all this stuff possible! And I say geek with much admiration! The word doesn't mean what it did back when I was a teen-e-boper! Its funny how now in a modern world that the stereotype word geek that was one time used to insult oneself and others is now a word of compliment! To be a geek in our world ran bye technology is to be something to be admired! I only could imagine the brains, the guys who do this stuff know computer languages like they know English! Its just another form of communication to them! Absolutely stupendous and worthy of admiration! If I do say so and I do!

So on other fronts! I've been busy on the health front! I've had my CT scan and the follow up visit top my surgeon. My pancreas seems to be no worse but not better no dowght to my still going out to the bars! I'm really going to have to beat that sooner or later if I want to live many more years! Anyway I'm now finally scheduled to have the operation I've been putting of for the last year, in part to get my HIV under control to lesson the risk of infection, my idea I might add the doctors would have had me in the o.r. by now I'm sure. SO now that I've got the HIV under somewhat control the risk of infection if less and I am going in for surgery on Feb. 8, They are going to do it Lipo Surgery! The doc tells me unless they have a complication I should have few scars, I was happy to here this, I was under the impresion I would have a huge scar several centemeters in length! Plus the horrible hurnia will be gone so I can put on a nice form fitting T with out this bump protrudeing a few centemeters out of me! Typical fag in me is more happyt about this in a way!
No big incisions thank goodness, my stomach is going to have a Big flap of it cut open the cyst on my pancreas is going to be attached so it can now drain into my stomach rather than having a tube out of me like last time with a leg bag that drained it! Believe me it was disgusting to have to drain this bag strapped to my leg every few hours the disgusting smelly stuff! At first it was black and putrid literally rotten liquid coming out of my pancreas cyst! SO not wanting this again and a more perminant hopefully fix I'm going into get this operation that is also going to take out my appendix and fix the hernia I have from the tube that came out of me for five or so months!

I'll be ok very very nervous and scared I hope I live through this! I'n case something goes very very wrong! I would like to ask some one out there to shut down this blog I know its a strange request but its something I need done! I was reading about this on a site that hosts many poz blogs,links and the admin was curious what to do when a blogger dies! How will he know and so on! So he was thinking about it being put in a will so an executer could let him know to clear the links and delete or what ever needs doing! I on the other had would like my blog to stay up! Just say something abought that I'm not around anymore and maybe a little something I would have written in case it all goes horribly wrong! Not that it will I hope and believe me I am hoping! Trust me that this is something I try not to think about, its hard to think about your mortality, so any volunteers email me..I would ask a friend but I think an online friend would be in my better interests seen as the few people I know personally in a physical sense have used my blog against me or to manipulate me in verying degrees. Seen as I'd like to keep this as best as I can private from my friends! Very understandable! So its important to keep my anonymity to what level it is now, all be it that there are several people I know in Toronto or who know of me who read this seen as I'm very well known in the community in certain circles it wouldn't be hard to figure out who I am...I'm ok with that but I'd rather keep it to where it is now! In fact I've been forced to not put several things in here due to the fact that some people I know read this and It bothers me that I can't because the info could be used to hurt me! And the stuff I could share would help others I know it! This blog was inspired to help others including my self deal with HIV,alcohol and other such abuse and how its affecting me! Anyway!

I'm doing ok I thank those who take the time to ask and email me I'm very grateful for the contacts I have trough this medium, I wouldn't stop blogging unless I was unable to in mind or body, let me know I have a feeling I know who may offer to take on this and if so please do!

I'm back to my stargate sg-1 and my fantasy world! Yes another dam exclamation mark, I'm trying to use them less I really didn't notice that I used them as often as I do, I'm thinking I must think what I have to say if profound and my points are always very much needing to be emphasized and stressed beyond what type can do, I guess by using the mark I'm expressing that what I'm saying means allot to me or I'm trying to stress on the reader that what I'm saying is emotional for me or has feelings behind the words and the exclamation mark I believe is what is to be used when you are stressing a point, and trust me I'm very stressed at times when I post on here seen as I'm dealing with some major issues and this is where I vent and explore them so If I seem excitable in my type than so be it because its the only way I know how to convey this through this format, I know print can only share my feelings to a certain point so I take it a bit further so when you see one of these ! It means what I was saying is emotional to me or is important I think I'm getting my point across I'm back to my TV shows!

Remember bittorent its way faster than winmx among others and hey you can download entire seasons of your favorite shows! IF you are inept or not computer/web savvy as I am ask me for some links and I'll guide you on your way to the fabulous world of bittorents!

Hugs to all I feel the need!

oh yah one other thing I'm pissed of royally at my self again, you all know how I need my pain meds well I was to get them refilled on Friday, didn't make it to the drug store stupid me I thought well I'll go Saturday! I get up late, to find out that its closed at 2pm screw them I'm pissed of to the max now! They are closed on Sunday! Now I know that they work hard and that its a family run business but if you want to work 6 days a week that's your problem, hire some one else to run the dam store, greed I'm sure, anyway Now I'm forced to go to the ER and beg the dam docs there to give me another prescription! I'm so pissed at myself for not getting there in time! But this is the last time! I'm going to a new drug store up the street two blocks that is open to midnight seven days a week! I'm sorry it's 2005 now and if you want to close your shop due to religious values than hire someone else to open it! Its shocking to here me say this but when it comes to my pain and things getting in the way I'm bothered seen as up the street there is and most every other pharmacy is open every day of the week and most all till midnight or 24/7, the one I go to because of convenience because my doc is in the same building is closed at 6 every day and now its not open on Sunday and closed at 2pm on Saturday...Um no no I'm going to start going up the street! I could use the walk and its only 5mins at best anyway! Sometimes I'm lazy I admit it and well I've had my rant but I guess Its there business to close when they want and they are great to me and well I'm just irritated at myself and that's that I'm to blame but still they are closed and there is a place up the street I could go to! But then they do fill in my prescriptions sometimes early for me so I guess I will have to keep going to them and they are very good people I just don't understand why they don't hire some other staff to open like all the other places! Maybe they are not busy enough to hire more people but could that be because they are closed when other places are open I wonder if they are hurting there business in the long run! Dam it I just remembered my doc is now sending my scips to the pharmacy on line! If he hadn't I would have the paper one and could have gone elswhere! Crist this is when the online world can get in the way! I tell ya its worth it but in this case I'm happy with the good old fashioned paper prescription from my doctore the way its been done for years has its god points! this situation for example avoided entirelly! Note to myself tell the doc to no longer send them I want it in paper! thank you very much

I'm outz

to my TV hey its been my constant companion sich I was a kid in front of it for hours watching seseme street! C is for cookie that is good enough for me! Ha remember that one!


I'm outz

grassrooter (GRAHS-root'-ur) n. A person who can rim themselves, i.e. lick around or in their own bunghole. So named because they are only one swift, decisive move from becoming a politician.

Oh this is way to funny I though you may want this after my all so to often in part gloomy post!

I found this on a web site called Hoot Island! Silly sex for silly people!

Funny how I find people on line I found the above site on this site through this site who commented of me on there site! I love it I couldn't imagine a life with out being on line! And yes I am now looking at how I post and my use of this !!!!! Eh Um thank you very much by the way You for pointing this out to me! Its not like I worry about far to many other things in my life to have something else to think about! Yes they are everywhere!!!!!
that's it for this topic but really I seem to not be able to get this out of my head, I do think I have figured out this not so proper use of the exclamation Marc? I do hope so or I'll be on this for a while Did I ever let on that I'm a bit obsessive compulsive! Self diagnosed by the way? So don't look into it to much

Ok I'm back to my endless hours of SC-FI, you know it I love it. Yah


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