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Friday, January 21, 2005

This post was inspried by one of the Bloggers, I found some time ago who is one of the blogger who inspired me to share my life, He has once again shared something I find I to have in commen and felt I should comment on I was trying to do it in his comments but as I usually do ended up with way to much on it for a comment so I am commjenting below
Here is my post on his entry a very moveing post unfotunately something many of us who are poz have in commen! Thanks for shareing this and not giveing up on blogging I can't tell you how much its helped to read about other guys and what they have been through it makes me feel like I'm not so alone! As well by inspireing myself I've been able to impart the same on others by shareing what I've been through others have been conforted to know they are not aslone in there life experiances!

Comment on Worldwide Ryans post
I feel you there! I to was deceived by a man who was well aware he was positive! He was nothing like the guy who infected you! I don't understand men like this, Did he know he was positive? The guy who I think gave it to me several years later when he was homeless here in Toronto after moving here from Montréal where he went after he left me here, I ran into him offered to help, he told me he was positive, said I told you back then 5 years or so back! I just looked at him, I was not shocked but just blank...He didn't evan remember lying to me, I kicked him back out on the street where he had left me five years before when we had moved to Toronto! from Vancouver.
I do understand why he may not have told me, the fear of rejection to avoid hurt and pain! But that should have been my choice I would have been there had he told me! I don't know about you but I was well aware of HIV back then I only wished I was more careful and a little less trusting or naive you could say!
Wow ! Thanks for sharing!
I run into this guy some times, its sad he was in a very bad car accident shortly after he left me in Montreal..It turns out he was hi very hi on drugs we had from Vancouver the drugs I had got for us to sell to try and make some cash to get away from the drug life, In a way it was sad in a way not! I was told by him he had stopped the sad thing is I was so out of it on the trip here I didn't notice he was hi most of the time! He had drove us from Vancouver to Toronto via the states in three days or so No wonder he never wanted to stop and sleep! I'm lucky he didn't get us both killed! Its to bad he didn't stop the drugs he is now crippled with a bad leg and can barely walk! Now he has a cain! The thing is he was a very sexy man! I truly did care for him but are relationship was based on lies and drugs! After he left me I shortly ended up in hospital! The thing is I was very sick for a few months before we moved to Toronto, One time I was in the hospital with a rash a very bad rash! It turns out I had converted, hiv had taken over my body! I remember him telling me in the hospital how mad he was and him warning me that if I gave him anything he would kill me! Hmm funny how things got all turned around! Now I don't with him bad but after this car wreck he got him self in he is no where near the man he was and now much less likely to attract and more guys I may add in there prime as I was and then strike them down HIV...Its to bad to I see him on occasion at our local Aids Committee office the one I volunteer for several times a year! I just ignore him and do my thing I know it pisses him, I couldn't be bothered to talk to him!


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